Vizio Reference Series Collection TVs Are Big and Beautiful

The VIZIO Reference Series Collection is the industry’s first-ever complete High Dynamic Range solution with Dolby Vision™ playback technology — and by far the most high-end TVs on the market. The premium 4K Ultra HD collection has a price tag of $129,999 for the massive 120” and $5999 for the 65” model and is packed […]

The Big and the Beautiful: Samsung’s 2013 TVs

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung, one of the world’s leading TV manufacturers, just announced current and forthcoming availability for its 2013 display panels. The company’s new flagship series, the F8000 LED-edge-lit LCD TV, comes in 46-, 55-, 60-, 65-, and 75-inch screen sizes. The first of the F8000 sets began shipping in March, and […]

High-Tech Holiday Wish List: Top New TVs

The big news in the TV world during the past year was the debut of 4K TVs, which manufacturers Sony and LG began shipping in October. (Rumor has it that Samsung will unveil its 4K foray at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.) Named for the format’s 4,000 horizontal pixels of resolution, […]

Sharp’s Over-the-Top TV

Sharp has just released its largest LED television yet. Standing nearly 4 feet tall and stretching more than 6 feet wide, the 90-inch Aquos LED TV (approximately $11,000) remains thin and light (at less than 5 inches deep, it easily mounts on the wall) and is exceptionally energy efficient, using less energy than two 75-watt […]

Customizable TVs for the Bath and Beyond

Whether your bathroom is elegant or over the top, the Séura Hydra waterproof TV can be styled to suit the surroundings. Séura offers the 19-inch TV in any color you like: The TV’s finish can be matched to Pantone colors, so it can duplicate the hues of your tiles, bathtub, or even towels. The rugged […]