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NFTVs? You Can Now Buy Non-Fungible Tokens Right From Samsung’s New Smart Televisions

On Wednesday, the company announced its 2022 QLED, Neo QLED, Frame and Micro LED displays will offer an NFT platform.

Samsung 110" microLED TV Samsung

With interest in and sales of NFTs continuing to skyrocket, it was only a matter a time before the marketplace would be accessible from the comfort of your couch. Thanks to a new partnership between Samsung and digital art platform Nifty Gateway, that kind of future will soon be a reality.

At its Unbox & Discover 2022 event held on Wednesday, the South Korean electronics company revealed that its latest QLED, Neo QLED, Frame and Micro LED displays will feature an NFT marketplace. Collectors and couch surfers alike will find the Nifty Gateway app on the media screen, next to other platforms like Youtube and Netflix. The one-stop shop will allow you to explore more than 6,000 minted artworks from the likes of Beeple, Daniel Arsham and Pak that have been verified by Nifty Gateway. You’ll be able to pay for the pieces using debit and credit cards, and the option to use cryptocurrency will also be available. To help keep your purchases safe, a Nifty Gateway Omnibus wallet that uses state-of-the-art tech will be accessible via the platform as well.

Of course, aside from browsing and purchasing non-fungible tokens, you’ll also be able to display them on your television screen. Fans of Samsung’s the Frame TV are already capable of showing their investments on those screens. As with other NFT displays surface such as the Lenovo Smart Frame or Netgear Meural Canvas II, for instance, this clever integration could be useful to buyers interested in more than one form of display. Not to mention, if you get tired of looking at it, you can simply change the channel.

Samsung Neo QLED Display Media Screen

A Samsung Neo QLED Display on the media screen.  Samsung

Sure, television screens are made for watching drama and action, but Samsung aims to transform them into something that brings more value to your daily life. In a statement, the company states “the ever-evolving role of the screen is quickly transforming it into a tool to fulfill all kinds of functions, from ‘game console’ and ‘virtual playground’ to the perfect partner to improve efficiency and a ‘Smart Hub’ to control one’s home.” Most would agree that’s true of TV sets in 2022—a far cry from when they were first invented in the 1920s.

In anticipation of the NFT-accessible displays, Nifty Gateway co-founder Duncan Cock Foster shares his thoughts on the collaboration. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Samsung to develop a groundbreaking NFT collecting experience,” he says in a statement. “Their dedication to user experience and focus on the highest quality displays aligns perfectly with our vision to allow anyone, anywhere, to interact with their favorite creators.” Cook launched the online auction platform in 2018 with Griffin Cock Foster, with its mission being “to bring NFTs to a billion people.”

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