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Robb Vices is not meant for everybody. Not everyone cares about the wood in which a whisky spent years maturing or has the patience to wait for an old-fashioned to be prepared properly. For many, the mere act of enjoying a cigar is an unforgivable evil. If that is you—stop reading here. Vices is meant for those of us who take our dining, drinking, smoking, and nightlife seriously. It is for the passionate, the courageous, and the reflective.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues.” Considering that 150 years later we hardly have the time to respond to e-mails, choosing to spend an evening with a friend over a glass of fine aged rum or a good Nicaraguan cigar is reflective of an appreciation of enjoying the moment. It is a commitment to our friends, family, and colleagues who share the moment with us. Celebrating life in good company reveals character.

We invite you to celebrate your vices with us: we who believe that cocktails are more than the sum of their ingredients; they are sculptures in a glass. We who are not just whisky drinkers but patrons of the art of distilling. We who appreciate that the contents of our tumbler were set aside for decades by patient custodians in Scotland, in Kentucky, or in Japan, before the decision that they were finally ready for us. We toast the people who continue to achieve excellence in their crafts—after all, what could possibly be more virtuous?

Should you decide to join us in our pursuit of achieving impeccable taste, this party is going to keep us awake late into the night. It will take us to some dangerous places in the search for authenticity. It’s not for everybody; if it’s for you, we couldn’t be more excited to have you with us.


Robb Vices

Daniel Curtis

Publisher: Robb Vices


Robb Vices