The 2014 Ultimate Home


Inside the world's most exclusive residence: One Hyde Park

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From the Editors: Domestic Derangements

house, no matter how ultimate, is not necessarily a home. Certainly, if scale were the measure of domestic tranquility, then Nemours (pictured) would have been the happiest of abodes. The 47,000-square-foot château that Alfred Irénée du Pont constructed from 1909 to 1910 on 300 acres outside of Wilmington, Del., remains a testament to the economic […]

FrontRunners: Good Sport

Beck & Score ( is a new travel outfitter that arranges bespoke itineraries to high-profile sporting events around the world. The Los Angeles–based company is debuting its services this year with exclusive trips to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Seven- to 10-day packages (priced from $15,000 per person) will include hard-to-acquire tickets as well […]

FrontRunners: Maui Modern

Opened in 1978 on a 15-acre stretch of Maui’s Mokapu Beach, the Stouffer Wailea Beach Resort ruled as the island’s top retreat during the disco era. Like disco, the property—which later became a Renaissance resort—lost its sparkle over the years, eventually closing in 2007. But the Maui landmark reemerged as a Hawaiian hot spot last […]

FrontRunners: One Up

While Terrafugia has been readying the Transition flying car in Massachusetts, another company in the Netherlands has been developing its own flying car. This fall, after 13 years of R & D, the PAL-V One (www.pal-v​.com) will be offered for presale for $395,000. In 10 minutes, the two-seat three-wheeler converts from a road-going vehicle that […]

FrontRunners: Sign Up

A pen as distinctive as a person’s autograph, the Curtis Australia Signature ( is crowned with a bust of an eagle sitting atop a foliage-covered plinth. The Melbourne-based company, which also offers jewelry and leather goods, created the Signature using the lost-wax casting technique. The pen, a ballpoint, is available in sterling silver ($4,900) or […]

Pedal Pusher

The hilly road stretches before me in an endless blur. Squinting through sweat-drenched wisps of hair, my legs jellylike, I hunch over my handlebars in despair. In the distance, the professional cyclist George Hincapie and his riding companions bob left and right in unison until they finally drop out of view, leaving me alone and, […]

Wild Ambitions

As the sun sets over northeastern Nevada, a palette of pastel colors washes over the region’s wide-open pastures and wind-whipped valleys. Rugged mountains frame this classic picture of the American frontier, which, judging by the rising dust cloud in the distance, is alive and well. Traversing the Goshute Valley, hundreds of mustangs race across the […]

Ethereal Expressions

Though banking, land, and vines have occupied Florence’s Frescobaldi family for more than 700 years, its members’ preoccupations have always included art and the art of living well. The family’s international financial dealings during the Renaissance enabled it to acquire the country estates where (then as today) it produced wine; and as the late Marchese […]

Big Idea

Stretched over more than 20 miles of oceanfront, the Big Island’s Kona–Kohala Coast has been a top Hawaiian vacation destination since the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel opened in 1965. But while the region—now dotted with resorts and communities from the Mauna Kea in the north to Discovery Land Company’s Kukio in the south—is no stranger […]

Golden Gloves

Dealers and auctioneers of sports collectibles speak of Muhammad Ali memorabilia in the same breath as items associated with Babe Ruth, whose $4.4 million game-worn New York Yankees road jersey holds the record price for any sports collectible sold at auction. But like Ali himself—a polarizing figure early in his career because of his prefight […]

Modern Marvels

Chevrolet brought its Corvette Stingray convertible to Palm Springs, a popular location for automakers to showcase their new performance models…