Aston Martin’s $2Million One-77


Aston Martin's One-77, the world's most daring supercar. Grand Openings: new destinations in Abu Dhabi, Ixtapa, Shanghai & Vancouver. Plus, Kenya - safaris to surpass your wildest dreams and quick work - building a Connecticut manor house in 80 days.

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Sport: Over the Rainbows

To avoid snagging the cottonwood behind us, Todd Curell, a fly-fishing guide at Three Forks Ranch on the Colorado–Wyoming border, suggests that I face downstream, shoot my forward cast above the narrow river, and then settle my back cast onto the surface of the deep pool. Curell has taught me more about fly-fishing in one […]

Watches: Idea Man

When executives at the Geneva-based private equity firm Alliance Management hired Yvan Arpa in 2006 to run a watch company that they were relaunching, they understood from the outset that the industry veteran would not take a conventional approach. “When they asked me to run Romain Jerome, I agreed, but on the condition that I […]

Aviation: With This Wing

Although the wings of an airplane may seem purely utilitarian, like the tires on a car, they are, in fact, marvels of engineering and design. Even small tweaks can produce significant changes in aircraft performance. For Gulfstream, an all-new transonic wing helps change the G200, with its lackluster runway performance, into the promising new super-midsize […]

Golf: Denmark’s the Spot

Thanks in part to native PGA stars like Thomas Bjørn, golf is booming in Denmark. The Scandinavian country of almost 6 million residents boasts more than 170,000 registered golfers, and the number of courses in the Danish Golf Union has grown to 181, with nearly a dozen new clubs opening last year alone. Denmark’s many […]

Jewelry: Everything Old Is New Again

We have it on biblical authority that there is nothing new under the sun. And while King Solomon was not thinking specifically of jewelry design when he wrote these words, his wisdom applies. Designers of the most modern pieces frequently take their inspiration—often to breathtaking effect—from styles and techniques pioneered thousands of years ago. Case […]

Antiques: Tut Uncommon

After nearly two decades of searching the Valley of the Kings for undiscovered burial sites, British archaeologist Howard Carter stumbled upon King Tutankhamun’s tomb in the fall of 1922. The find and its ensuing shroud of mystery—the boy king’s suspicious, untimely death and the “curse” of the opened tomb—set off an Egyptian craze throughout the […]

Home: Bathing Beauties

The 100 block of Madison Avenue in New York is not known for having a calming effect on passersby. Structures that house this month’s hottest fashion labels and frenetically paced advertising agencies occupy nearly every address, and almost seem to exude adrenaline. One location—105 Madison, the home of the new Duravit showroom—is an exception. With […]

Home Electronics: A Lighter Note

Jason Lord, co-owner of the Source Audio/Video Group in Torrance, Calif., recalls the day in 1993 when he broke his back. “The casualties of big-box speakers,” he says. “I just moved one of the speakers wrong and it hit me in the lower back, destroying a few of my disks. Luckily, I had some great […]

Aston Extreme

Aston Martin, ever a boutique builder of rapture-inducing sports cars and never a mass-producer of automotive appliances, is being flailed by England’s worst economic downturn since the Great Slump of 1919. Since 2007, when the company manufactured more than 7,000 cars in a record sales year, Aston Martin’s numbers have been dropping. The official projections […]

Game Face

It was a perfect day to go horseback riding: The afternoon air was fragrant with acacia; puffs of cloud floated low over the Kenyan plain; and, for the moment, at least, not a single lion was in sight. Other big game, however, abounded. Just over the horizon we would find herds of kudu, impalas, elephants, […]

Fast and Furious

Judith Sheindlin, known to fans of her popular courtroom TV show as Judge Judy, removes a cream-colored envelope from her desk drawer and points to the Cartier logo on it, then to the engraved name: Cindy Adams. In 2008, Sheindlin explains, the well-known New York Post gossip—a good friend of hers—stopped by the site of […]

The Robb Reader: Sam Nazarian

It’s no secret that Sam Nazarian loves Los Angeles. “Everywhere I go—Milan, New York, Shanghai—I rave about the opportunities here, especially the cultural diversity,” says the Iranian-born entrepreneur, who has lived in L.A. since age 3. Now 33, Nazarian recently opened the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. The hotel is the first of several he […]

Leisure: The Guggenheim Effect

The time is close to 2 am, and we are among the last guests of the evening. We are also the most fortunate, having gained entree to the kitchen of Zortziko, chef Daniel Garcia’s Michelin-starred restaurant, which occupies a 19th-century mansion within walking distance of Bilbao’s famed Guggenheim Museum. Here, in customary Spanish fashion, we […]

From the Editor: Fired Up

One of our least attractive qualities as human beings is the pleasure we sometimes derive from the perceived misfortunes of others—particularly if the injured parties involved have enjoyed life’s privileges in greater measure than have we. A recent phone interview with a reporter from one of the syndicated news services reminded me of the extent […]