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Custom-made autos, clothing and motorcycles. Italy's one-and-only Antas and private golf: the best clubs, courses and communities. Plus ultraluxe accessories and top personal clthiers.

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Antiques: The King of Clubs

If, two centuries ago, a golfer believed that his equipment had to look good for him to play well, he would have wanted a set of clubs by Hugh Philp, whose talent for making wooden clubs has been likened to Antonio Stradivari’s mastery of the violin form. “The visual element is important to a golfer. […]

From The Editors: Unlucky 13-Under

Al Geiberger, who 30 years ago became the first golfer to record a sub-60 round in a PGA Tour event, agrees with the comparisons that equate his achievement with that of Roger Bannister, the British runner who, in 1954, became the first person to finish a mile in less than four minutes. “People remember him […]

Jewelry: Star Power

At the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris, artisans competed for awards that would proclaim their creations the finest examples of their respective crafts. The fair’s most prestigious honor, the Grand Prix award, went to Paris jewelry house Boucheron for an exhibit that included a wide bracelet composed of five […]

Watches: Hidden Assets

Veteran NFL linebacker Donnie Edwards once stayed up all night changing the straps on his 20 or so Panerais. His infatuation with his watches may seem extreme, but it is not unusual among collectors of Officine Panerai timepieces. The Paneristi—the nickname for the company’s fan base—assiduously acquire the brand’s special editions and share their obsession […]

Autos: Less Is More

With the notable exceptions of hearses and London taxicabs, everything on wheels seems to travel better as an open carriage. Even ordinary, invisible coupes become noticeable when their tops are removed and their drivers’ and passengers’ senses are freed from the confines of spirit-stifling metal and glass.   The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is no […]

Aviation: Crisis Management

Three minutes after takeoff from runway 4 at Honolulu International Airport, at about 3,000 feet, the Gulfstream IV’s left engine catches fire. Seated in the copilot’s chair, I call up a checklist on the monitor before me. Following the instructions that appear on the screen, I shift the jet’s power lever to idle, shut off […]

Travel: Well-Done in Velden

Perhaps it was the Champagne that put me in the mood to go parasailing. Never in my life had I considered being pulled through the air by a motorboat, but then, never before had I drunk two glasses of Dom Pérignon Vintage 1999 at breakfast. Within half an hour of the meal, one of the […]

Spas: Preventive Measures

Like most people who are diagnosed with cancer, Oklahoma City real estate developer Warren Thomas was shocked when he received the news four years ago that he had the disease. “I work hard, I play hard, and I’m a type A personality,” he acknowledges, “but I’m also an avid runner and have always been vigilant […]

Dining: Tastes like Chicken Should

The Santa Monica, Calif., restaurant Whist occasionally hosts a bit of dinner theater; call it a fowl play. It begins with the aroma of roasted chicken filling the dining room as a server carries from the kitchen a shallow copper pan containing a whole, golden-brown bird, including its feet, which were blue before the oven […]

Wine: Monumental Syrah

When asked by his patron, Lord Carnarvon, what he saw as he thrust his lantern for the first time into the tomb of Tutankhamen, artist-turned-archaeologist Howard Carter answered, “Wonderful things.” With these two simple words, he eloquently captured the essence of the dreams that drive all adventurers.   The pursuit of wonderful things has certainly […]

Spirits: Baby Blues

Enrique De Colsa, master distiller for Tequila Don Julio, refers to the company’s 4 million blue agave plants as his niños. “Like children, they need fresh air, nutrition, and sunlight to grow healthy,” says the jovial, husky-voiced 47-year-old. “It’s a romantic way to say it, but it’s true.”   In the verdant highlands of Jalisco, […]

Feature: Fall Fashion: Clothiers Make the Man

Custom clothiers bring their tape measures, fabric swatches, and refined tastes to your door to create a complete, personalized wardrobe. They never handle a needle and thread. Their talents lie in their abilities to measure with precision and determine which fabrics, colors, and designs best suit you. And through their connections to the world’s finest […]

Smoke: Another Winning Formula

A decade ago, while recuperating from a broken neck that he had suffered a year earlier in a crash at Michigan International Speedway, racecar driver Emerson Fittipaldi was flying a small airplane over his farm in Brazil when the aircraft lost power and plummeted to the ground. Fittipaldi survived, but with back injuries that for years […]

Sport: Pockets Full of History

In the year 1900, Ada and Minna Everleigh relocated their already-flourishing enterprise from Omaha, Neb., to Chicago, a larger city that offered the sisters the prospect of even greater riches, if they could establish a clientele among the wealthiest citizens. To that end, the Everleighs spared no expense in decorating and furnishing their new place […]

Art: Bone Appetite

Creating a 4,000-pound piece of glass art was only part of the challenge for Jonathan Christie; once he completed Lyrical Light, he had to find a place to hang it. Originally, his work, a 100-foot-long sculpture of spiraling stainless steel studded with more than 500 identical glass horns, was supposed to hang from the ceiling […]

Collectibles: He’ll Fix Your Wagon

Doug Hansen did not reinvent the wagon wheel, but he has reverse-engineered it more than once. As the owner of Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop, a business he founded 29 years ago in Letcher, S.D., Hansen has built and refurbished thousands of wheels, as well as thousands of stagecoaches, chuck wagons, and horse-drawn carriages. Along […]

Feature: Fall Fashion: Extravagant Tastes

Over the course of his 25-year career as a bespoke shoemaker in London, Jason Amesbury has crafted footwear from almost every skin imaginable: calf, ostrich, crocodile, snake. But a request from a particularly fastidious client bewildered him. The gentleman said that he did not want shoes made from any of the aforementioned hides. When asked […]

Home: Minding the Manor

The furnishings in the new Waddesdon collection from Chappell & McCullar are not imitations of the classic French period pieces at Waddesdon Manor; they are interpretations, which, in some ways, might be better than the originals. “We took good design from the 18th century and interpreted it to a 21st-century ideal by simplifying the lines,” […]

Feature: The Artists of the Motorcycle

The 16,000-square-foot workshop that houses Matt Hotch Designs is an oasis of calm in the rough section of Fullerton, Calif., a working-class city located about 20 miles south of Los Angeles. There are no assembly lines and no clattering machines inside the wood-and-brick building, which used to be an orange-packing plant and is now listed […]

Private Golf: Open Fairways

The Golf Club at the Rise When course designer Gene Bates first visited the site for the Golf Club at the Rise in 2003, wildfires were ravaging the hillsides of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. “I thought I drove into hell,” Bates recalls with a laugh. “It was burning one day, it was raining the next […]

Private Golf: Course Requirements

If it is true, as the golfing adage contends, that you “drive for show” (and “putt for dough”), then each of the clubs pictured here presents the ideal combination off the tee, promising to add not only yards to your game, but cachet to your bag. The Honma Beres MG712 4-Star driver ($1,700, www­ features […]

Wheels: Drophead Gorgeous

Nearly a decade has passed since BMW paid £40 million (about $65 million) for the rights to the Rolls-Royce name, a silver hood ornament of a gossamer-clad lady (commonly referred to as Nellie in Her Nightie), and a radiator shell shaped like the west end of the Parthenon. “Plus 100 years of history,” remembers Ian […]

Private Golf: A Burden to Bear

While strolling across a practice green at the Keowee Falls golf course in Salem, S.C., Scott Tolley ticks off the critical points in the caddie’s code of conduct. “Keep out of the way, keep quiet,” he says, before pausing to look me over from head to toe. For a moment, I feel like a racehorse […]

Journeys: Atlantis of the Sands

A river would run through Wadi Darbat, if there were any rivers in Oman. Instead, the wadi is an arid basin, where Ali, my guide, brings his bright blue SUV to a halt and invites me to step out and take in the view, such as it is. In the distance, the dun-colored hillocks appear like […]

Atlantis of the Sands: Oases in Oman

Oman’s determination to cater to the discriminating traveler suggests that the sultanate will become home to some of the Middle East’s most luxurious hotels. Here are three that already are open for business, or soon will reopen.    THE CHEDI Situated 20 miles south of Muscat, on the exclusive Boushar beachfront, the Chedi reflects the […]

Private Golf: The Front 10

Our process for selecting the top 10 golf communities in the United States was partly subjective—as all top-10 lists should be—and partly scientific. Each property offers everything one would expect of a premier private club and vacation neighborhood: well-designed golf courses, well-situated homes, and well-heeled members. But the communities featured on the following pages distinguish […]

Feature: Rare Bird

Some men build cars that display a reminiscent fender flare here, an evocative shoulder swoop there, and maybe a grille that recalls an earlier decade, because they believe there is a future in referencing the past. Others, the real freebooters of faux, are not so creative. They pillage parts bins, add perhaps a louvered hood […]

Contributors: Par and Driver

An addition to features on custom cars, clothing, and motorcyles, this issue also includes a Private Golf special section, which, among other golf-related stories, offers coverage of the best clubs, equipment, and communities. Private Golf fits this issue’s bespoke theme well, because it reinforces the notion that, when living the golfing lifestyle, you can have […]

Private Golf: The Front 10: Off the Green

FIRST IN FLIGHT Mountain Air Country Club (800.247.7791, www­ in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains is known for white-water rafting, snow sports, and its 2,875-foot private airstrip. “Unlike a commercial airport, we rarely have more than 25 or 30 planes at any one time,” says president and CEO Randy Banks. “Members probably get more disturbed […]

Private Golf: Pro-File: Al Geiberger

Thirty years ago this June, Al Geiberger became the first golfer to shoot a sub-60 round in a PGA Tour event. His score of 59, posted on the second day of the Danny Thomas Memphis Classic in Tennessee, has been matched twice (by Chip Beck in 1991 and by David Duval in 1999) but never […]