BMW’s Double Vision


The 560 hp M6 Convertible and all-new 640i Gran Coupe. Plus, adventures near and far: ultimate escapes in Patagonia, Las Vegas's sizzling steak houses and spectacular spas of Istanbul. Also, a modern revival of the ultraexclusive Camaro ZL1, and more.

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Elements of Style

Salvatore Ferragamo’s foray into luggage was inspired by the tailored lines of Italian automotive design, and accordingly, the fashion label’s sleek, elegant cases exude an aura of high performance. Constructed with sturdy polycarbonate shells that resemble brushed steel, they are upholstered in resilient logo-print vinyl with the look of rich fabric. Each piece is simple […]

Wheels: The Big and Better Z

Other than a name and an all-aluminum engine, the new Camaro ZL1 has little in common with the original ZL1, a high-performance, very limited-production variant of the 1969 model-year muscle car. However, the two cars do share a significant distinction: The ’69 edition once was the most powerful Camaro ever, and that claim now belongs […]

Collectibles: Banner Days

Sword swallowers, fire-eaters, giants, midgets, fat ladies, tattooed ladies, bearded ladies— Johnny Meah has painted them all in his 55 years as a sideshow-banner artist. When he is asked which of his more than 2,300 banners was best at luring customers into the tent where the so-called freaks performed or stood on display, the 74-year-old […]

Boating: Recipe for Success

Over the years, the American kitchen has become a space for socializing as much as it is a place for cooking. Homes throughout the United States often feature large, open-plan kitchens with ample seating and plenty of room for congregating. So it seems only natural that an American yacht owner would want his or her […]

Aviation: Cleared for Takeoff

One effect of the economic recovery has been a growing number of new choices for private-jet buyers. However slow the pace of that recovery, many aircraft makers are optimistic enough to bring brand-new models into their pipelines, and Canadian manufacturer Bombardier appears to be among the most sanguine members of the industry. It plans to […]

Autos: Good Karma

Few cars have generated as much buzz as the Fisker Karma hybrid electric sports sedan. But lately, most of the news has been negative. Last year the U.S. Department of Energy suspended its $529 million loan to the California-based start-up after the company failed to meet the government’s progress deadlines. In January, Fisker stopped sales […]

Home: More than Puff Pieces

For nearly a decade, Azadeh Shladovsky has brought her scientific background to bear in her art, creating residential and commercial interiors that she describes as a balance of the seemingly incompatible disciplines. “I think that creativity is a science,” says the Iranian-born, Los Angeles–based interior designer, who studied medicine before turning to a career in […]

Sport: Engine that Could

Southern California native Mike Railey has been an avid surfer most of his life. But about a decade ago, the 49-year-old amateur inventor grew tired of spending his time in the water waiting for waves, rather than riding them. His remedy—an inboard electric surfboard motor he built in his garage using hobby-shop motors, water bottles, […]

Travel: Getting Off Track

‘‘Asturias is the real Spain,” says Bárbara Callisto as she points to the region’s misty village of Covadonga. “The rest is just reconquered land.”   Looking out over the emerald landscape—which is conspicuously void of flamenco dancers, bullfighters, and sun-drenched beaches—I realize my concept of Spain might be a bit skewed. But if Asturias is […]

Watches: Loading Zones

A sober, utilitarian character informs most of the timepieces assembled in Glashütte, the German watchmaking town in the southeastern state of Saxony that now bustles with a spate of new manufacturers. Although the recently minted firms also adhere to the town’s conservative approach to horology, the tendency to favor tradition is perhaps most pronounced at Glashütte […]

The Fire Down Below

The clank of my spoon against the porcelain mug echoes loudly through Hotel Salto Chico’s empty dining room. It is December in the Southern Hemisphere, the high summer season when this popular Patagonian resort typically sells out. And yet, gazing out the window, I see Salto Chico’s boat still moored to the dock on Lake […]

Wardrobe: Suitable Advice

When Martin Greenfield sent President Eisenhower’s custom-made suits to the White House, he tucked little notes of political advice into the pockets. Whether the president considered his counsel or ignored it Greenfield never knew, but the tailor returned to the White House quite a few times over the next 50 years to outfit a number […]

Journeys: Full Steam Ahead

About 30 minutes into our drive from the Istanbul Edition—an Ian Schrager–conceived hotel that opened last year in the city’s modern neighborhood of Levent—we crossed the Golden Horn inlet off the great Bosphorus strait. Pulling into the Old City, my driver gestured toward the pointed spires and enormous domes of the Hagia Sophia and the […]

Kings of the Strip

Click to see Seven Perfect Steaks A waiter rushes through the dining room carrying a steak, and heads instantly turn. Eyes follow. Fingers point. “Did you see that?” a guy at a nearby table says, leaning into the aisle to get a better look. “There goes another one.” Heads turn again, jaws drop. Barely contained […]

Kings of the Strip: Seven Perfect Steaks

In Las Vegas, the world’s best city to eat steak, Robb Report dined at 16 top steak houses in search of nothing less than the perfect cut of beef. The steak had to be at least an inch thick, and cooked medium rare with a beautifully charred crust. It had to be dry-aged, deeply flavored, […]

On a Roll

In some contests involving high stakes and serious opponents, the luck of the draw or roll of the dice often confers on a player bountiful rewards that have little or nothing to do with creative brilliance, insightful strategy, or that oft-underestimated element called hard work. Not so in the competition that is the luxury-automobile business, […]

From the Editors: Faux Pas de Deux

At the end of the Second World War, Europe’s surviving aristocracy joined a nomadic yet moneyed assortment of South American industrialists, film stars, steel magnates, playboys, and oil heiresses to form the loosely tethered social troupe known to the press as the “International Set.” This eclectic clique sparked more than its usual share of indignation […]

Pens: Writes of Passage

During World War I, as fighting spread to northern Italy, the 15th-century Villa Cà Erizzo Luca in Bassano del Grappa became a barracks for Red Cross ambulance drivers. Montegrappa, a then-new writing-instrument manufacturer located adjacent to the villa, started supplying the drivers with pens so they could write letters to their loved ones back home. […]

The Robb Reader: Herb Alpert

Although best known as the Grammy Award–winning lead man of the Tijuana Brass, 77-year-old trumpeter Herb Alpert has a professional playlist that also includes songwriter (he cowrote “Wonderful World” with Sam Cooke and Lou Adler), record-label founder (he is the A in A&M Records), painter and sculptor (his latest works include 18-foot-tall bronze totems), Broadway-theater […]