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2010 Bentley Continental Supersports. The British automaker unveils its lightweight 204 mph twin-turbocharged flexfuel coupe. Plus luxury travel insider, destination clubs make a comeback, rebirth of the ultimate private mountain resort, incomparable new cruise ships & itineraries, grand hotel openings in Sicily, the Maldives & more. Also, voluptuous valentimes, 11 rare & romantic gift ideas for her.

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Travel: Plains and Simple

As the sun rises above the Mary River floodplain in Australia’s Northern Territory, water buffalo, wild horses, and flocks of magpie geese begin the daily trek from their nocturnal havens in the forest to the open swamp, where they will feed and cool themselves during the heat of day. At the forest’s edge, groggy travelers, […]

Motorcycles: Sophisticated Savage

For more than 85 years, BMW has built well-engineered and eminently reliable motorcycles that have earned the company a reputation in some circles as the gentleman’s brand. In still other circles, these bikes have been rather unflatteringly dubbed “the pipe and slipper brigade.” This year, however, the Munich-based manufacturer intends to quash its polite persona […]

Home Electronics: Sly on the Wall

When hanging on a wall, Bang & Olufsen’s new BeoVision 10 resembles a work of art as much as it does a television. But hanging seems an inappropriate term for describing how B&O’s latest model appears when mounted in its high-gloss aluminum frame. “The purpose of the frame is to create an optical illusion,” says […]

Home: Food Network

Anvil Motion is not the world’s only computerized cabinetry system for the kitchen, but it may be the smartest. Introduced in July by custom cabinetmaker Anvil Cabinet & Mill, of Brigham City, Utah, Anvil Motion is the first automated cabinetry to be both button- and motion-activated. It is also the first such system to integrate […]

Watches: Gender Bender

“Our feeling is that our new chronograph is the kind of watch an independent, successful woman will want to buy for herself,” says Patek Philippe president Thierry Stern, expressing a sentiment shared by most industry executives who have launched a new ladies model. But the Geneva-based watchmaker’s Ladies First Chronograph is far from being an […]

Wardrobe: Skins Deep

One stormy winter night in 1786, while the Danish brigantine Metta Catharina von Flensburg was anchored in England’s Plymouth Sound, gale-force winds swept the waves over its decks, sinking the ship before the crew could salvage its cargo of leather bound for the Mediterranean. The fate of the Catharina was all but forgotten for nearly […]

Art: The Young Man and the Sea

American expatriate painter John Singer Sargent once humbly quipped, “Every time I paint a portrait I lose a friend.” However, long before the social elite of the early 20th century began to climb over one another, figuratively speaking, to sit for one of his vibrantly detailed portraits, Sargent focused his artistic attentions on a different […]

Autos: Ghost Buster

The BMW 760Li escapes the eye of most luxury-sedan buyers because the German automaker designed it to do just that. But the inconspicuous V-12-powered 7-Series can afford to be unassuming, given that the vast majority of examples to be built will never cross a dealer’s showroom floor. “There are only a small number of customers, so […]

Boating: WHY Not?

Luca Bassani, president, CEO, and founder of Wally Yachts, insists that his latest project is not a yacht at all. “It’s a floating island,” he says while unveiling a 190-foot-long, 125-foot-wide wooden mock-up of the vessel at Wally’s shipyard in Ancona, Italy. Bassani’s description seems appropriate given the vessel’s considerable girth, which will prevent it […]

Golf: Long Shot

David McLay Kidd has proven that he can create remarkable courses in remote places. But the Scottish golf architect—designer of the Bandon Dunes golf course on Oregon’s southern coast—says he was “dumbfounded” when he was approached to build a course on a private island in Fiji. Still, he figured, it couldn’t hurt to take a […]

Indecent Composure

Those with a wicked appreciation for both irony and understatement have, from the outset, savored Bentley’s Continental GT as the perfect stealth supercar. Endowed with an unimpeachable pedigree, a purposeful shape, and an exquisite interior, the grand tourer from the Crewe factory in England is also as sturdy as a rhinoceros and even more powerful. […]

Club Mend

Brett Grossman, a fifth-generation Coca-Cola bottler from Boerne, Texas, had an unexpected encounter with nature while vacationing with his family last summer at the Ritz-Carlton’s Abaco Club on Winding Bay. He and his 10-year-old son were scuba diving in the turquoise waters off the Bahamas’ Great Abaco Island when a shark suddenly entered their path. […]

Pinnacle of Perfection

The value of a scientific experiment lies in the fact that, when repeated under the same set of conditions, it always yields the same result. However, more than a decade ago, timber entrepreneur Tim Blixseth conducted an experiment of his own that, even if another attempts it, is unlikely ever to produce a comparable—much less […]

Objets d’Heart

Putting feelings into words is challenging enough for some men; expressing the depth of their affection for that special someone through the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can provoke an existential crisis. In an effort to spare these anguished readers further Sturm und Drang—and perhaps months of couple’s therapy—we have assembled an assortment of distinctive and […]

The Robb Reader: Rocky Patel

Unlike many of his competitors, Rocky Patel and his namesake cigar company do not have a centuries-deep tradition in tobacco. In fact, Patel had never even smoked a cigar until about 20 years ago, when the then–Beverly Hills attorney received an offer he couldn’t refuse. “India Allen, 1988 Playboy Playmate of the Year, handed me […]

Wheels: Lexus Rex

Despite their often futuristic appearances, most modern supercars are, in a sense, things of the past. Each new ultra-high-performance machine from the likes of Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz embodies those manufacturers’ long-standing traditions and must measure up to the image established by its predecessors. For this reason, the proverbial blank slate is perhaps the […]

Journeys: Ship’s a Joy

A smartly attired septuagenarian short on neither diamonds nor spunk pivots on her designer pumps to face me. “You are entirely too young to be in this elevator,” she says, her statement engendering giggles among her lady friends and declarations of don’t-you-mind-her from their dapper male counterparts. She might have a point. On this late-July […]

Ship’s a Joy: On the Water Front

A number of high-end cruise lines are charting new courses, offering updated amenities and services, and, in some cases, launching ships. Following is a brief rundown to help you navigate the options. CRYSTAL CRUISES A recently completed $25 million renovation has transformed much of Crystal Cruises’ 922-passenger Symphony, including the vessel’s 982-square-foot Crystal Penthouses. In addition […]