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Exclusive firsts from Jaguar, Learjet, Berluti, Peninsula Hotels, Heesen Yachts, Tiger Woods Design, Fuente & more. Plus, the World's Next Culinary Master - unveiling the winner of our super-chef face-off. Also, the shape of the future, the McLaren P1 Supercar.

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The Robb Reader: Richard Geoffroy

In the cellar and in his life, Richard Geoffroy manages to blend contrasts and contradictions into graceful unities. Born in Champagne’s Côte des Blancs region to a family whose members had been vintners for many generations, he chose to pursue a career in medicine rather than in viticulture. After earning his degree, he made the […]

Wheels: Dream On

From the late 1940s to the mid 1960s, U.S. automakers built and displayed cars that represented their visions of future designs. The most outrageous were impractical and essentially unbuildable as production vehicles. But that did not matter. Whether they were intended to be powered by gas turbine engines or even atomic energy, had clear bubbles […]

Aviation: Seating Plan

When JetSuite began operating three years ago, it offered economically priced short charter flights in the entry-level, four-passenger Embraer Phenom 100. Its service area was limited to California, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. The company, which is based in Irvine, Calif., eventually added flights to Texas, and then this past year it expanded into the Northeast. […]

Autos: Arizona Is Abuzz

It is an axiom of collecting that when an artist dies, the value of his or her work increases. This also seems to be the case with the work of Carroll Shelby, the legendary auto racer, designer, and entrepreneur. Since his passing last May, prices for cars associated with Shelby have been on the rise. […]

Art: Worlds Apart

If Henry Darger had rented from a different landlord, his life’s work would likely have ended up in the trash. Darger spent much of his childhood in orphanages, and he lived alone in a Chicago apartment before he moved into a nursing home in 1972. When the apartment landlord cleared out Darger’s lodgings, he found […]

Watches: Perfect Paradox

As he digs through a shoebox filled with spare parts, the genial and relaxed Gregory Bruttin—a movement developer at the Geneva watch manufacturer Roger Dubuis—bears little resemblance to the conventional image of the fastidious watchmaker. Not surprisingly, his latest creation also defies stereotypes: The Excalibur Quatuor, an enormous timepiece sporting no less than four beating […]

Home Electronics: Digital Divine

Vinyl records have long been the gold standard of high-fidelity audio reproduction. With the recent arrival of DCS’s Vivaldi system, the digital age finally has an answer to the accuracy of analog. Founded in 1987 as a manufacturer of digital-signal converters for military and telecommunications applications, DCS started producing home-audio components in the mid-1990s, when […]

Golf: Time Tryall

In the 1950s, a group of prominent Texans acquired an idyllic stretch of coast near Jamaica’s northwest corner, about 12 miles from Montego Bay. The new owners—a group that included future senator Lloyd Bentsen and former governor John Connally—soon started developing what would become one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive communities, marked by a stately […]

Travel: Silverback Lining

Jupiter is barking. Somewhere within the thick maze of arrowroot leaves that blanket the Republic of the Congo’s Odzala-Kokoua National Park, we hear—and feel—the silverback gorilla and his dozen or so female companions circling us. Only a few yards away, the pah-pah-pah of massive fists beating a barrel-like chest rips through the jungle, followed by […]

Home: Out of Sight

In November, the Italian kitchen manufacturer Minotti Cucine was preparing to celebrate the grand opening of its first New York City showroom, which is housed in a stylishly renovated former ironworks. Grandly displayed were the kitchen designs’ monolithic slabs of marble and wood, shined and carved to perfection. Largely missing from plain sight, however, was […]

Robb Report’s New Culinary Master for 2013

  Katie Button called herself “the underdog,” and it was hard to argue with that. She had been a chef for just 18 months, all of them at the helm of Cúrate, her modern tapas restaurant in Asheville, N.C. In six hours, she would be serving a five-course meal to 50 judges participating in the […]

Culinary Masters Competition 2012: Master Class

MOURAD LAHLOU OF AZIZA, SAN FRANCISCO Nominating Chef: Michael Mina Location: Monarch House, a contemporary estate high above Hollywood, Calif., that made a sparkling backdrop for Lahlou’s modern Moroccan cuisine. The Event: In the hours before his competition dinner, Lahlou methodically unpacked five enormous coolers he had shipped from San Francisco. They held pureed mango, a golden […]

Private Preview 2013: McLaren Automotive

Freedom of expression was the right that enabled history’s most inspired automotive designs. Giuseppe Figoni, of the 1930s-era French coachbuilder Figoni & Falaschi, was allowed to fashion his wildest Art Deco dreams. Aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer designed the eternal Jaguar E-Type free from the tyranny of bumper regulations. When Marcello Gandini sketched Lamborghini’s space-age Miura and, […]

Private Preview 2013: Jaguar

In the days when it was producing the XK120 sports car (1948 through 1954), Jaguar was on the leading edge of design. Yet over the decades, despite the E-Type and mostly because of its sedans, the brand gained a reputation for being staid and stoic and cloaked in romantic notions. In the last few years, […]

Private Preview 2013: Lincoln

Lincoln design director Max Wolff faces a challenge. The American brand once represented the pinnacle of automotive luxury. Today, Lincoln—a part of Ford Motor Company—is reinventing itself in order to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Luxury-car buyers have become more culturally progressive than their predecessors and more open-minded, according to Wolff. Such attitudes […]