Million Dollar Cars


Special report: your money, your family & their future. Plus America's top 11 perfect places to live, the South Seas' richest waters, and the Volvo ocean race sails to the ends of the earth.

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The Best Places to Live

Recognizing the truth to the adage that home is where the heart is, we have assembled a selection of 10 American cities, towns, and other locales best suited for specific tastes and preferences or for pursuing individual passions. Therefore—based on months of research, dozens of interviews, and our staff’s own firsthand knowledge—we present our choices, […]

Appliances: From Bauhaus to Our Kitchen

On a recent spring evening, a mix of some 20 New York architects, interior designers, and magazine editors chat over Champagne and hors d’oeuvres in Manhattan’s SoHo district. They are about to sit down to an elegant six-course dinner being prepared by guest chef David Lawson of Aubergine, a country restaurant in the Berkshires.   […]

Travel: Surprises at Sea

Tomas, properly attired in a waiter’s white jacket and black tie, pauses graciously at his dinner guest’s left side and extends a silver platter of fresh-baked breads. The hungry diner’s response is somewhat less genteel: He grabs a warm wheat roll in his chubby fist and stuffs it in its entirety into his mouth.   […]

Furnishings: A Royal Warrant

It’s impossible to write about bespoke furniture designer David Linley without mentioning his parents, the late Princess Margaret and photographer Lord Snowdon. Building furniture might seem an unlikely career choice for a nephew of the queen, but it was a natural outgrowth from a childhood spent at the side of his father, whose artistic talents […]

Dining: Mad Hatter

Normand Laprise was referring to himself, not the tall chef’s hat, when he named his restaurant Toqué! In Montreal, the word is also used to describe someone who’s a little out of his mind with an obsession. Anyone who has seen Laprise prodding the salmon at Atwater Market, the largest produce market in Montreal, or […]

Spirits: Secret Society

It was without a doubt one of the most unusual and interesting whiskies I had ever sipped. Although it was apparently a Macallan, the famous name appeared nowhere on the label, and it tasted like no Macallan I had ever encountered before.   The bottle had come from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS), an […]

Health & Grooming: Yin Goes Yang

If you haven’t been to a spa lately, you’re in for a surprise. Push open the door and you will enter the men’s grill of the new century—an elegant, relaxed place to recharge after a great morning on the back nine or a rough week in the capital markets. Spas have undergone a phenomenal growth […]

Jewelry: Treasure Island

Each summer, the Mediterranean island playground of Capri attracts scores of global jet-setters who touch down to explore picturesque beaches, pristine grottoes, and a dynamic social scene. Another integral part of the island’s landscape is Chantecler, the legendary local jeweler that has catered to Capri’s chic seasonal inhabitants since the 1940s.   “Some clients arrive […]

Wardrobe: Castaway Cotton

Martin Carstarphen has spent the last five years investing his money, time, and talent in reintroducing genuine Sea Island cotton to the lexicon of luxury fashion. The silky 300-year-old fiber virtually vanished from the fashion radar screen 30 years ago when cheaper hybrids were developed. Though the crop has faded into obsolescence, the name has […]

Watches: Conceptual Thinking

When Audemars Piguet introduced its groundbreaking Royal Oak in 1972, the company assumed a split personality that has lasted for 30 years. Certainly the watchmaker is as traditional as the tiny Swiss hamlet of Le Brassus, where its workshops are situated. Little has changed here in more than a century, including the steady stream of […]

Raising Good Kids

Affluenza is a dysfunctional relationship with money or wealth, or the pursuit of it. —The Affluenza Project Having grown up in a wealthy New England family, Barbara Blouin knows firsthand the luxuries an affluent lifestyle affords: a nice home, a family chauffeur, and the knowledge that money is not a concern. Although money was never […]

Life Lessons

The Sound of Music includes a scene in which the Baroness Schraeder character explains to her friend Max Detweiler how she plans to avoid the chores of motherhood after marrying Capt. von Trapp, a widower with seven children. When Detweiler doubts Schraeder’s ability to raise a family, the Baroness asks pointedly, “Darling, haven’t you ever […]

From The Editors: The Bankers of Kings

The Darwinian principles of survival had the Galápagos Islands as their testing laboratory; those of financial survival (what in contemporary parlance we term wealth management) had as theirs Paris’ rue Lafitte, where for 150 years the Banque Rothschild resided. Here, behind a classically styled limestone facade, the wealth of Europe’s nations flowed, whole industries and […]

Aircraft: An E-ticket to Takeoff

Some people buy books online, others purchase clothes. A select few have raised the concept of online shopping to new altitudes. Take, for example, the San Francisco investment manager who pointed and clicked his way to a $40 million business jet several years ago.   About 9:30 one evening, the Bay Area businessman logged on […]

Wings & Water: Water World

We’re somewhere between Miami and Baltimore, some 60 miles out on the Atlantic Ocean. The overcrowded deck of our boat—a Volvo 60, one of the world’s most sophisticated racing sailboats—is a dark and tense world, inhabited by dangerous winches, highly tensioned lines, and six men. Our job is to move the spinnaker, the forward sail, […]

Wheels: Second Effort

Jaguar’s S-Type hasn’t exactly crumbled the competition, nor has it become lodged among our longings. To be fair, since its 1999 introduction this more-or-less midsize sedan, with a ready-made heritage borrowed from the ovoid-grilled S-Types of the 1960s, has doubled Jaguar’s sales in the United States. But that’s only an addition of 70,000 cars over […]

Style: Port of Pearls

Parked beside the cream clapboard colonial building that houses Linney’s pearl emporium in Broome, Australia, proprietor Bill Reed’s Mercedes M-Class stands out from the array of dented Land Rovers on Canarvon Street like a tuxedo in a sea of blue jeans. Reed is the godfather of Broome’s modern pearl industry. With hair as white as […]

Second Effort: On Eagle’s Wings

In 1995, when John McLaren finished writing his first novel, Press Send, the former diplomat celebrated the occasion by placing his manuscript on the passenger seat of his Jaguar E-Type and heading for the south of France. “It was a 350-mile journey through the heart of the Alps,” the author recalls. “There was a diamond […]

Home Entertainment: Old Style, New Standard

When Scott Jones decided he wanted to watch movies in his turn-of-the-century English manor near Indianapolis, he called noted home theater architect Theo Kalomirakis. “Top yourself!” demanded Jones, 41 and a film fan since childhood. “Do something you’ve never done before.” Given creative carte blanche and the 2,200-square-foot concrete shell that Jones’ construction team had […]

Home Tour: Lotusland

“I think California is the best country in the world and always will be no matter who comes into it or what is done to it,” wrote publisher and impassioned builder William Randolph Hearst in 1906. “Nobody or no thing can shut out the beautiful sun or alter the glorious climate. Hurrah for dear old […]

Feature: Million-Dollar Cars

The automobile has captured our imaginations for more than 100 years—each new design the standard-bearer of the technology, aesthetics, and values of its era. Whether a horseless carriage or a modern Formula One racer, the automobile has exercised a consistent impact on generations of passersby and connoisseurs alike. The motorcar is a benchmark of Western […]

Motorcycles: Desert Delight

At first, the mileage and route seemed daunting. The Internet BMW Riders list (, a worldwide consortium of BMW motorcycle owners, had planned a ride through Death Valley for January that I wanted to attend. But I live 3,000 miles away in Florida, and I had never attempted a cross-country ride in the middle of […]

Golf: Peace and Quiet in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, with all its diversions, is a noisy place where one’s senses are assaulted with a never-ending cacophony of sounds and pictures promoting the latest shows, nightclubs, restaurants, and gaming rooms. Only a fool, of course, would visit Vegas seeking peace and quiet, yet one place does exist, for the properly initiated, where the […]