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Jaguar redefines the Marque

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Furnishings: Bright Ideas

When San Francisco–based architect and designer Jonathan Browning launched his lighting collection in the spring of 2003, he was looking to remedy what he and several of his peers deemed a glaring lack of illumination options. “On the one hand, you have the cold, high-tech cabled lighting created by the Italians in the 1980s and […]

Home Electronics: The Theory of Evolution

Designing an audio amplifier can be as frustrating as designing a men’s navy blue blazer; like the blazer, the amp has been refined to the extent that now any attempt to add a creative twist usually produces an embarrassing result. Why, then, would Krell Industries, a company with an unsurpassed reputation for fine audio electronics, […]

French Dressing

When viewed from the pebble drive that leads past stately linden trees to its entryway, the French country–style residence appears as though it has been nestled in this sheltered spot in Washington, D.C.’s Spring Valley neighborhood for a century or more. Its limestone and stucco facade provides a polished old-world accent that distinguishes the house […]

The Deep South

It is unclear what has set off the Adélie penguin, but it is bent on venting its rage. Flippers flapping, it flops onto another penguin without warning, knocking it onto its stomach. The victim of this apparently unprovoked assault wriggles as fast as it can across the rocky beach, covering about 30 feet in a […]

Feature: Magic Kingdom

A cacophony of cymbals and ceremonial dung horns accompanies a masked monk, dressed in a kaleidoscope of silks, as he dips a thick, red, wooden phallus into a container of holy water. Turning to his audience, the monk raises his hand and flicks his wrist repeatedly, distributing the water from his explicitly carved wand onto […]

Trekking To Bhutan

Getting to—and traveling within—Bhutan is no simple matter. Unless you are entering from India or Nepal, you have to connect to the national airline, Druk Air (, in Bangkok via Eva Air (www or other international carriers. Once in Bhutan, in addition to paying $200 per day in fees, you are required to utilize […]

Journeys: Country Collectors

Jeff Shea has been lost in the highlands of New Guinea, and in Hawaii he saw a man die after falling into molten lava. He caught malaria in Africa, hepatitis A in India, and malaria again in the Phoenix Islands in the Pacific Ocean. (It could have been a relapse of the African malaria, but […]

Leisure: Super Man

It is always interesting to view the pictures that people hang in their homes, and this notion holds true for those who contemplate the walls of Santa Cristina, Piero Antinori’s sprawling 16th-century villa in Tuscany. Photographs form a sepia-toned montage of aristocratic contentment from a bygone age—tintypes of mustachioed men in straw boaters and white […]

Leisure: The Tuscan Tipicita

The French call it terroir, the Tuscans tipicita—that elusive quality that comprises a vineyard’s geology, climate, topography, and local winemaking practices. Tipicita can endure through the ages; some say that, if you are lucky, you can taste a thousand years of sunrises in a single glass of wine. If you are very lucky, that wine […]

Wine: A Sublime Lineage

As a setting in which to sip a decades-long vertical of Italy’s most sought-after Super Tuscan, Manhattan’s Babbo is, as the Italians themselves might say, sènza pari—without peer. Mario Batali’s West Village mecca, located in a townhouse on Waverly Place, merges streamlined modernity with traditional warmth; the result is a hearty elegance that suffuses the […]

Spirits: The Bright Side

Even in an industry that prides itself on tradition, the Macallan has been noteworthy for its consistency. Indeed, the lush, almost resinlike flavors of the distillery’s dark, amber-hued whiskies are the result of its aging single malts exclusively in Spanish oloroso sherry casks. Last fall, however, the Macallan broke from convention by introducing the Fine […]

Dining: Still in Bloom

La Grenouille, a Manhattan restaurant enjoying its fifth decade of operation in a city where culinary tastes seemingly change every five minutes, reflects the belief that its husband-and-wife founders, Charles and Gisèle Masson, held in the virtues of succulent food served in an inviting setting. Its main dining room always has been decorated with arrangements […]

Collectibles: Moving Pictures

Vintage travel posters retain the power to launch a thousand ships—and trains, and planes—although the vessels that they feature are no longer available for booking. Amtrak evokes the streamlined imagery of travel poster art to promote its Acela Express service along the eastern seaboard, and the Queen Mary 2’s initial marketing campaign borrowed from French […]

Antiques: Perfectly Tuned

You could say that PianoGrands, Chris and Anne Acker’s antique piano restoration business in Montrose, Pa., rose from the ashes. Six years ago, before Chris met Anne, he purchased an antique Friedrich Ehrbar grand piano and was nearly finished restoring it when one night, after returning home from work at the pharmaceutical company that he […]

Smoke: Ground Swell

Nothing tastes like a Cuban cigar, except a Cuban cigar, because the taste is attributed to the rich, red soil of the country’s Vuelta Abajo, the only place on the island where all three components of a cigar—wrapper, binder, and filler—can be grown. However, the composition of that soil may not be unique to Cuba, […]

Spas: Lotus Blossoms

Ten years ago, when John Cancro worked as a commercial leasing broker in his native New York City, he was a self-described “meaner, nastier person.” Moving out of the city to Taos, N.M., helped to improve his disposition, he says, but his discovery of yoga completed his transition to the kinder, more reflective soul that […]

Feature: The Usual

Always the gentleman, Rudolf van der Lak personally greets everyone who enters his bar, often with a handshake, an English phrase—“Welcome to this beautiful land” or “Life is wonderful”—punctuated by laughter, and a toast of vodka. Although his energy belies his age, van der Lak, at 84, is certainly the oldest barkeeper in Berlin, perhaps […]

The Usual: Forms of an Expressionist

Germany in the years leading up to and during World War II was hardly a nurturing environment for the creative pursuits of Expressionist architect Hans Scharoun, and because of the political climate, most of his projects were never built. Unlike his contemporaries who fled their homeland during the war—including Mies van der Rohe and Walter […]

Sultans of Swing: Bird Watching

Glenn Deck, director of the Pelican Hill Golf Academy in Newport Coast, Calif., pauses on the 5th fairway of the club’s Tom Fazio–designed North Course. “Most people talk about the 17th hole,” says Deck, looking down toward the par-4’s green and the beachside community behind it. “But I prefer this one. Just look at those […]

Sultans of Swing: Swinging from Treetops

Rick Smith does not have a particular style to imprint on his pupils. When working with professionals such as Phil Mickelson—or with amateurs at his Rick Smith Golf Academies at Treetops Resort in Gaylord, Mich., and the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Fla.—the instructor prefers to make the most out of what the golfer brings to the […]

Sultans of Swing: Science Major

With his wire-rimmed spectacles and professorial demeanor, Eric Alpenfels seems as though he should be conducting research projects in a collegiate chemistry lab. Instead, the 42-year-old director of Pinehurst Resort’s Golf Advantage School in Pinehurst, N.C., performs his experiments on a double-sided driving range and eight championship golf courses.   Alpenfels’ Golf Advantage School, in […]

Sultans of Swing: Points of View

You know that you have been posed a bit too long in your follow-through on the driving range at the Kapalua Golf Academy—watching a well-struck 5-iron sail into the blue Maui sky—because Jerry King, the academy’s directing professional, has moved over to your station to ask how things are going. In other words: Are you […]

Sultans of Swing: Architecture of the Swing

Judged on its name alone, Nemacolin Woodlands’ John Daly Learning Center might conjure up images of students wielding oversize drivers and crushing golf balls to all points in Pennsylvania. But a few minutes spent analyzing ball departure angles on the launch machine with Dennis Clark, the Farmington resort’s director of golf, quickly rids even the […]

Sultans of Swing: Low Scores in High Places

The Dave Pelz Scoring Game School claims that it will change your golf game forever in just three days. Doubters of this assertion may be swayed by the success of Vijay Singh, Tom Kite, Phil Mickelson, and other graduates, all of whom enlisted Pelz to improve what he calls their “scoring game.”                                                A combination […]

Sultans of Swing: Mind Games

Regardless of its curriculum or the quality of its staff, the Pebble Beach Golf Academy would attract students by reason of its location alone. Fortunately, and not coincidentally, the academy at the world’s most famous golf resort boasts three of the world’s most respected instructors: 2003 PGA Teacher of the Year Laird Small, Golf magazine […]

Sport: Smear Campaign

Although it is well known to skiers at Jackson Hole, a certain steep, rocky trail is not included on the resort’s official map. Its name prevents its appearance. Toilet Bowl, the gnarly pitch located on the upper portion of Rendezvous Mountain, earned its moniker for flushing out those skiers lacking the skills to navigate the […]

Back Page: Par without Peers

Robin sieger, a 49-year-old Scot, belongs to the world’s most exclusive golf club; he and his friend Neil Laughton, an Englishman, are its two members. They are the only people who have completed the Awesome Eight Golf Challenge, which the pair invented four years ago to place an endurance-sport spin on the placid, pastoral game. […]

Time: Anniversary Presence

A 250th anniversary is certainly an occasion worthy of a fuss, and Vacheron Constantin is marking the milestone with no shortage of festivities. As one might expect from the world’s oldest watch company, the preparations for this spring’s birthday bash ran as smoothly and quietly as one of its watches. Those efforts culminated in one […]

Watches: Reconstructive Bridgework

More than a few eyebrows rose five years ago when Corum introduced a lineup of boldly styled and relatively inexpensive timepieces led by the $2,500 Bubble watch. The watches’ designs and prices indicated that Severin Wunderman, the visionary behind the success of Gucci watches who had just purchased controlling interest in Corum, intended to steer […]

Health & Grooming: Scotch and Chakra

Not long ago, Olivier Bonnefoy was an overworked 30-something merchant banker, with four phones and a simple vision for a masculine retreat from the stress of modern life. Bored with unisex day spas where men are regarded as afterthoughts, Bonnefoy conceived a place that blended the ambience of a gentlemen’s club with the services of […]

Wardrobe: Brooks Redux

Italian entrepreneur Claudio Del Vecchio was among the legions of Brooks Brothers loyalists who watched with disapproval and disappointment as the American menswear brand abandoned classic tailored clothing in favor of contemporary sportswear during the 1990s. Having been a customer for decades, Del Vecchio even commiserated with those who mockingly labeled the chain “Banana Brothers,” […]

Jewelry: That’s the Ticket

For the past 25 years, Yossi Dina, a Beverly Hills collateral lender (a polite term for pawnbroker), has relied on his intuition when sizing up clients and their assets. The 50-year-old former Israeli army captain is known to have granted multimillion-dollar loans for rare colored diamonds, estate jewelry, and art masterpieces—including a Rodin sculpture and […]

Autos: Showing Restraint

When the 2006 3 series—the fifth generation of a luxury sport sedan that for 30 years has topped BMW’s best-seller list—arrives this summer, it will be greeted with huge sighs of relief from BMW purists, who will notice only the lightest of brush strokes on a familiar shape that is far removed from recent styling […]

Motorcycles: Highway Star

Its considerable charm and utility notwithstanding, Vespa’s ET4, the 150 cc scooter with which the Italian company made its return to America in 2000 after a 20-year absence, does have its limitations. Although it is ideal for puttering along winding back roads or navigating city streets, it lacks the brawn necessary for highway travel, which […]

The Lightweight at the End of the Tunnel

These may well be the best of times for Bibiana Boerio, the well-credentialed, tough, and spirited Pennsylvania accountant who has inherited a crumbling chunk of British history and been told to fix it. These also may be the worst of times for her new charge, Jaguar Cars, a 70-year-old company that is one of those […]

Wheels: The Phantom of the Auction

Denise Cobb, cofounder of the Naples Winter Wine Festival, knew that the Rolls-Royce Phantom built specifically for her annual charity auction would attract an eager pool of bidders. “The fact is that this was number one of one,” she recalls. “It’s the only car of its kind, and with a wine cellar in the trunk […]

Boating: Sailing of a Century

Standing before a podium in the Model Room of the New York Yacht Club, historian John Rousmaniere, having memorized the information as a child, performed a recitation in the rote cadence reserved for prayers: “12 days, 4 hours, 1 minute, 19 seconds.” The series of numbers and chronological measurements is equally familiar to many who […]

Aircraft: Getting off the Ground

When the first FAA-conforming Eclipse 500 very light jet took to the skies this past New Year’s Eve, the event marked the beginning of a seven-plane flight test program that should culminate with certification in March 2006 and customer deliveries soon after for those who already have secured a spot on the waiting list. Those […]