The New American Roadster


Aston Martin's DB AR1 by Zagato.  Special Motorcycling section:  art and adventure on two wheels.  Master class:  Jaegaer-LeCoultre's course for connoisseurs.  Wine countries for all seasons.  Touring France, Austria, California and New Zealand.

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From the Editor: The Mystery of Wine

Much of what the english writer’s moving finger wrote when he undertook his rather creative adaptation of the 12th-century Persian poet’s verses has passed into the rarefied stratum of the constantly quoted; yet few cut to the heart of the matter at hand as does this passage, which hints at the greater mystery that underlies […]

Golf: A Golfer’s Club

Professional golfers—the recipients of gratis shoes, balls, gloves, clubs, clothes, and often club memberships— are not noted for being fast with the wallet. However, in a desert valley chockablock with great places to play golf, 11 touring professionals paid the $100,000 initiation fee to become members at Whisper Rock in Scottsdale, Ariz., a relatively new […]

Family: Ethical Will Power

Bequeathing wealth and valuables to children is one matter, but conferring values is quite another challenge. Large sums of money and numerous assets in a family estate can easily obscure what many of the people who create wealth consider far more important: handing down their guiding principles, ideals, and beliefs. Such a problem faced the […]

Classic Reunion

In all walks of life, certain name pairings guarantee results that transcend the ordinary. Think Astaire and Rogers, Hope and Crosby, Lennon and McCartney, Montana and Rice, and—for auto enthusiasts—Aston Martin and Zagato. When the talents of the venerable English auto firm and the renowned Italian coachbuilder are combined, car collectors immediately line up, checkbooks […]

Wheels: Be Careful What You Wish For

I had no idea what was in store when the people from Mosler called and offered me a drive in their new $209,000 MT900 Photon. I’d heard about the company’s latest efforts and thought it would be a hoot to pester my neighbors with what had been described as the closest thing ever to a […]

Motorcycling: For The Executive Rider – A Connoisseur’s Collection

Guy Webster’s red wooden barn, ringed with weeds and scattered gardening tools, has become a pilgrimage destination for motorcycle cognoscenti. Several years ago, Webster received a surprise visit from one of these connoisseurs, the daughter of MV Agusta founder Count Domenico Agusta. The countess, having heard fables of an incomparable Italian motorcycle collection in Southern […]

Motorcycling: For The Executive Rider- Four Extraordinary Bikes

Slammer Brash and brutish, the American IronHorse Slammer, with its flaming paint job, stretched tank, and brilliant chrome accents, excels in catching eyes and stealing breath. One feature, however, stands out from the rest: the rear tire. The plump 240mm Metzler secures the back of the bike firmly to the ground, seemingly driving the machine […]

Motorcycling: For The Executive Rider – Newsmakers

Wind-chapped cheeks and the occasional skinned knee only enhance the essence of motorcycling. It is the state of being one with the elements that invokes our passion for the pastime. Even better, the machines we ride today—and the best of those from past eras—boast aesthetic and technological wizardry that heighten the two-wheeled experience. ENJOY THE […]

Wings & Water: Semicustom Service

Several years ago at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Ben Price, a Sarasota, Fla., resident, spent six long days walking the crowded Florida docks and speaking with boatbuilders, both custom and semicustom, about creating a new yacht. Price, who owned a 55-foot Sea Ray, had specific requirements. He wanted a larger yacht that would […]

Jewelry: Hidden Treasures

It is easy to walk right past the Gioia jewelry salon on New York’s Park Avenue without giving it a second glance. There are no tantalizing display windows to gaze into, no open doorway offering a peek inside, only a few jewels displayed in a diminutive glass case that is built into the exterior wall. […]

Smoke: Hold the Smokes

You are not sure exactly when it happened. You have always enjoyed cigars—the aroma, the relaxation, the camaraderie. It began with your stocking up on a few select brands, buying them from your favorite tobacconist and during your travels, perhaps on a memorable trip to a country off the Florida Keys. Then one day it […]

Personal Technology: Seeing Stars

For anyone who has considered adding astronomy to his or her list of hobbies, now is as good a time as ever to take the first step. Late this summer, Mars will pass closer to Earth than at any time during the past 73,000 years, but even this rare event will not match the nightly […]

Autos: End of the Line

The vehicle is an ultraluxury automobile that is 6.2 meters long, powered by a 12-cylinder engine, costs several hundred thousand dollars, and is constructed at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Sindelfingen, Germany. And it is not the Maybach, the new top-of-the-line 155-mph first-class cabin, but rather the V-12 S600 Pullman. This car is not merely an […]

Aircraft: Bridging a Gulf

Kevin Russell, executive vice president of NetJets, the leading fractional ownership provider, has always admired Gulfstream airplanes. “The most highly desirable jet to own in the world is a Gulfstream,” Russell says. In recent years, however, Gulfstream’s strategy was to build bigger and faster intercontinental jets such as the 19-passenger G-V, leaving behind clients who […]

Furnishings: Dressed to the Nights

Luxury bed linens are not a high priority for many men, but they should be. Creating a deluxe zone in bed is really the best way to separate the men from the boys. “If a man spends $2,000 or more on a suit, he should spend $2,000 on a sheet set that will make his […]

Travel: Chef’s Suite

A home-cooked meal is a source of comfort rarely found while traveling. However, the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills has successfully fused home and hotel by installing a high-end kitchen in its Grand Premier Suite. Guests, many with personal chefs in tow, have been booking the $2,500-a-night room months in advance since it opened […]

Wardrobe: Gran Plans

A high-tech first loom resides in Gran Sasso’s massive industrial factory in the central Italian town of Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata. Once the yarns are set in place, this state-of-the-art machine can knit an entire sweater without the help of human hands. Most knitwear requires a variety of machines to create individual parts—sleeves, body, collar, cuffs—which are […]

Leisure: Time Wells Spent

An apricot sunset slants across the terrace at Chanteduc as eight Americans assemble for a weeklong cooking class in Provence with author, food critic, and teacher Patricia Wells. “This is my romantic dream of France,” Wells declares as she pours flutes of Veuve Clicquot Brut. “All of us doing what we love: cooking, learning about, and […]

Office Deluxe

Platinum equity’s exterior, what little there is of it, could not be more generic: an unassuming door in an office building in Century City, a commercial cluster of high-rises in West Los Angeles. But employees and visitors are buzzed into a different world, one that both embraces and challenges assumptions about what workplaces should look […]

Style: The Enchanted Vallée

In the heart of Switzerland’s Jura Mountains lies the Vallée de Joux, a small basin that is encircled by dense forests and blanketed with a heavy coat of snow and ice for nearly six months of the year. Every winter, ducks gather in the same spot near the edge of the valley’s frozen lake, where […]

Spirits: Casks of a Lifetime

Very old spirits are always very expensive, which is not surprising, considering that their maker’s capital is tied up in a wooden cask for many years. Some people admire aged spirits and assume that, because of their rarity and cost, they must have a fine flavor. That, alas, is not always the case. Maturing spirits […]