The New Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé


The new Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé - tailored lines meet raw power and the $1.2 million Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT hits the road. Also, fall fashion, the essential men's style guide. Plus, Maserati makes its mark, the bigger, faster GranTurismo S and links to the past, golfing in historic Tuscany.

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Contributors: Picture Perfect

Contributing fashion director Joseph DeAcetis produced the annual fall fashion section in this month’s issue. “We wanted to reflect the changing attitudes of American men today,” says DeAcetis, who also oversees the men’s style content for Playboy magazine. “Men, more than American women, strive for comfort. Yet they are also more actively experimenting with colors, […]

Motorcycles: Davy Jones’ Chopper

With its radical custom appearance and retro styling, Harley-Davidson’s new Softail Cross Bones might be the perfect motorcycle for indulging the conflicted psyches of maturing baby boomers. Harley-Davidson, however, clearly considers the Cross Bones to be a vehicle for reaching generations X and Y. The bike’s online promotional videos cast forth age-appropriate cultural references, from […]

Smoke: Under the Volcano

One might be forgiven for reflexively recoiling from any brand of Hawaiian cigar. After all, the souvenir sticks found in the islands’ gift shops are made—somewhere other than Hawaii—from scrap tobacco of various origins that has been fouled with artificial coffee or macadamia-nut flavoring. But those cigars, save for being sold in Hawaii, have nothing […]

Vacation Homes: Atlantic Divide

“In the case of an emergency I guess you could run across the road and holler for the neighbors,” joked Leoni, property host at Chalet Soleil in the Alpine ski town of Chamonix, France. Internet and telephone services, she explained, were not up and running at the brand-new four-bedroom home. Also missing were U.S. and […]

Music: Conducting Business

Steve Uhrik spends most Friday mornings at church. He and his business associate, Lawrence Trupiano, make the short trip from their shop in Brooklyn to Manhattan’s St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue—where they go to work, not worship. Uhrik and Trupiano perform a couple of hours’ worth of adjustments on the church’s organs, the largest of […]

Home Electronics: Listen Up

Headphones offer certain advantages over conventional speakers. They provide a private environment where the listener can play music at any desired volume, without disturbing others. They are unaffected by room acoustics and do not require powerful amplification. But they are not without drawbacks. For instance, enthusiasts consider the earbuds that Apple provides with its iPod […]

Home: Pillow Talk

Casa del Bianco does its best work in the bedroom. So when the Italian linens company opened a by-appointment-only studio in New York in April 2007, Fabrizio and Lupe Biasiolo—the two of the company’s four owners who run its U.S. division—decided that the best way to present their bespoke services was in an oversize apartment […]

Wheels: Go, Go Godzilla

Like most video games, the Nissan GT-R has a built-in cheat code. Flip three switches on the dashboard until they all light up—activating “R,” or race, mode—then depress the brake and step on the accelerator. This sequence activates the GT-R’s computerized launch control, which sets its twin-turbo, 3.8-liter V-6 engine at 4,500 rpm. When you […]

Wings & Water: The Mighty Mustang

In 1911, Clyde Cessna charged people 50 cents apiece to watch him perform aerial stunts over Kansas in his state-of-the-art Silver Wings monoplane. That is considerably more expensive than today’s Cessna demonstration flights, which are free to potential customers. The catch is, anyone who wants to check out the firm’s latest in-production model, the Citation […]

The Mighty Mustang: The Citation Story

Innovative though the Citation Mustang is, its development is grounded in a long-standing business formula from a solid company, one that has had only four chairmen since 1927. When the manufacturer introduced its Citation line in the early 1970s, Dwane Wallace, Clyde Cessna’s nephew, had been at the helm since 1936. Cessna chief engineer Bruce […]

Home Entertainment: House Music

Digital technology has transformed the home recording studio as completely as it has refashioned photography and communications. Only 15 years ago, most in-home studios relied on mixing boards as bulky as billiard tables and multitrack tape machines the size of Smart cars. Now, a single computer can perform all of these machines’ functions and many […]

House Music: Weekend Warriors

The term “record producer” immediately brings to mind an image of a musical luminary like Quincy Jones hovering over a giant mixing board as Frank Sinatra stands alone at a microphone in an adjacent recording space. Today, for a fee, record producers provide the same kind of personal musical direction for amateur musicians as well. […]

Spirits: Lowland High Point

Breaking the seal on a bottle of rare, extra-aged, single-malt whisky often summons the ghost of years past. Indeed, much of our pleasure in owning such a spirit derives from the recollections it awakens of the happenings in the world and our own lives in the year that it was made. In 1965, when the […]

Watches: Masters of Time

While browsing through an antiques shop five years ago with well-known complication specialist Christophe Claret, watch-industry veteran Steven Holtzman pointed out an old desk clock with rolling-bar indicators. Holtzman, the onetime distributor for the Roger Dubuis watch brand in North America, had long envisioned a mechanical wristwatch that incorporated such rolling displays at the top […]

Autos: Trident True

Pininfarina is sometimes too good at making cars appear sporty. Take, for example, the rakish GranTurismo, which the Italian design firm shaped for Maserati. The car’s silhouette promises a level of performance that its power train simply does not deliver. However, with the GranTurismo S—an angrier, edgier, and more powerful model being introduced at year’s […]

Aviation: Change Is in the Air

When the going gets tough, the tough invest in the future. Amid layoffs, restructurings, and rising jet-fuel costs, Flight Options, the Cleveland-based fractional aviation company, announced late last year that it would spend $1 billion for 150 Embraer Phenom 300 light jets. According to CEO S. Michael Scheeringa, the company is also moving beyond its […]

Boating: Rough-Water Rogue

It was only a matter of weeks before Dale Maloney discovered that his Midnight Express 37 Open Fish lived up to its hard-charging pedigree. Maloney, by his own admission a sportfishing fanatic, had taken delivery of his 900 hp, outboard-powered Shutter Up last April. Several weeks later, Maloney and five teammates faced tangled seas in […]

Golf: Over the Edge

One would expect Sean Cahalane to look back fondly on the course where he spent much of his childhood. But the longtime member of the Ocean Edge Resort & Club in Brewster, Mass., has few positive recollections of the property’s former layout. “I can’t really remember the old hole,” says the twentysomething assistant golf pro […]

Travel: A Whole New Game

Having arrived after-hours at Marataba, a Hunter Hotels game reserve that borders South Africa’s Marakele National Park, I waited outside the locked, electrified gates for a staff member to meet me. Tired and increasingly impatient after the long trip from the United States, I stood for about 25 minutes, alone, in the dark. I soon […]

Jewelry: Standout Chameleon

In the late 1950s, an expert at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)—the world’s leading nonprofit institute devoted to gemological research and education—graded an unusual green diamond. After conducting a thorough examination of the stone, he carefully placed it in the laboratory’s safe and left for the day. When his colleague arrived at the laboratory […]

Antiques: Golden Boy

Largely overshadowed by his more famous 18th-century contemporary Thomas Chippendale, the English wood-carver Thomas Johnson was a man preoccupied with fantasy. Johnson drew inspiration primarily from Francis Barlow’s illustrations of Aesop’s Fables, fashioning ornate giltwood flora and fauna to represent the tales on mirrors, tables, and girandoles and executing their unrivaled detail with abandon. “Johnson […]

Art: Fired Up

“All Japanese art is a niche,” says Erik Thomsen, a New York gallery owner and dealer in Japanese art, “but Fukami is a very well-known artist, and he is easy to sell.” Well known, indeed: Sueharu Fukami, a native of Kyoto, has his works in more museum collections around the world—including the Metropolitan Museum of […]

Collectibles: Bond, Bound Bond

Before Daniel Craig, before Pierce Brosnan, even before Sean Connery, there was Ian Fleming—the English novelist who gave life to secret agent James Bond in 1953 with his first book, Casino Royale. To celebrate the centenary of the author’s birth in 1908, international auction house Bonhams, in conjunction with the Fleming Collection, will exhibit the […]

Star Power

Early 100 years ago, Charles Rolls, the cofounder and bankroller of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, became the first person to complete a nonstop, round-trip flight across the English Channel. Rolls took more than an hour and a half to accomplish the feat, but it is now possible to make a one-way, underwater voyage in about 20 […]

Snapshots from the Edge

A rendezvous along the Pacific Coast calls for a multifaceted wardrobe of distinctive sport coats and stylish casual wear. Photo 1. On him: Dunhill suede jacket, $2,450, plaid shirt, $270, wool vest, $190, striped wool pants, $2,195 (for suit), and driving gloves, $200; Salvatore Ferragamo loafers, $520; Hublot Big Bang Ice Bang watch, $14,500. Photo 2. On […]

Threads of State

With all eyes on Washington, D.C., these days, the man of international affairs must cultivate a variety of impeccably tailored looks to fit any situation, whether he is lobbying for change on Capitol Hill, negotiating trade agreements on Embassy Row, or engaging in diplomatic relations of another kind in a suite at the legendary Hay-Adams […]

A Material Difference

A glass of red wine that accidentally spilled on his trousers prompted Italian fashion maverick Gianluca Isaia to explore the possibility of creating a waterproof fabric made entirely of natural fibers to protect his luxurious suits. After months of experimentation with an Italian textile mill, he unveiled a waterproof wool fabric called AquaSpider, from which […]

Driving Privileges

You don’t have to pay dues to join the exclusive SLR.Club and enjoy its many perks, and you don’t have to pass muster with present members. The only requirement is ownership of a rare $500,000 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren—or a new $1.2 million, 671 hp, race-ready version of the car.   Land Rover, the British off-road […]

Stuck on the Mud

J. Tylee Wilson, the former chairman of the board of RJR Nabisco, found much to like when he visited Santa Fe for the first time 15 years ago: art galleries, museums, the Spanish and Native American cultures, the climate, and the stark beauty of New Mexico’s high desert. He and his wife, Pat, enjoyed the […]

Journeys: Everything Under the Tuscan Sun

My golf ball sits deep in the gully, and as I consider my next shot, I hear only water trickling in the creek at my feet and the faint cries of kestrels, which soar in the sky above me as they look for lizards in the hills that ring the valley. Ahead lies the 14th […]

Everything Under the Tuscan Sun: Tuscan Golf Tour

Golf may not be the most obvious reason to visit Tuscany, but these resorts and courses make it worth the effort to pack your clubs when traveling to the region. Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort Located two hours north of Rome by car, in the Maremma region of Tuscany, the 140-room resort and […]