Private Preview 2003


The shape of things to come. Plus brand-new from the big three: Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz. Also next year's essential acquisitions from BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, Ducati, MV Agusta, Boucheron, Parmigiani, Rolex, Zenith, Brioni, Kiton, Bulthaup, Gaggenau, Linn, Pershing, Four Seasons hotels, and more.

From This Issue

Appliances: Glass Houses

Enter the unassuming building in New York’s historic Flatiron District, and you are immediately transported. The lobby of Bisazza, a leader in the art and craft of glass mosaics, dazzles with its deep blue floor, copper-tinged mosaic pilasters, and walls hung with a dozen panels dedicated to the signs of the zodiac, all in sapphire […]

Golf: Diamonds in the Rough

Technology is one of the things that makes the game of golf unique—often maddeningly so. Other sports seem to be firmly wedded to the past when it comes to the implements used to play them: inflated pigskin, stitched horsehide, and lathe-turned wood. Not so with golf, which every year seems to unwrap a new technological […]

Smoke: Vintage Selection

Macanudo Fumoir, a sleek cigar lounge in London’s celebrated Claridge’s hotel, has no signs directing smokers to this enclave, but those who are aware of the retreat know of its fine rewards. Located in the hotel foyer adjacent to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, the room is richly dressed in shades of purple and aubergine. […]

Autos: English Eccentricity

Richard Huke doesn’t seem like the road rage type; by his own admission, the soft-spoken 70-year-old Welshman is a shy person. Still, when he cruises down a local motorway in his Morgan Aero 8, the retired architect sometimes finds his blood boiling. “I simply can’t stand it when some idiot comes up and sits inches […]

Boating: Down Under

Trinity Yachts, the New Orleans boatbuilder, plans to deliver a 192-foot expedition yacht to a New Zealand entrepreneur. The owner will cruise on the surface of the sea with his new vessel, but for a change of scenery, he will also travel under the surface in a 24-foot submarine, which can be loaded onto his […]

Private Preview 2003: Two-Wheeled Italian Appeal

The British motorcycle writer sat in the tent at the Misano racetrack in northern Italy, propping his cast-covered left leg on a chair. During a road test a few hours earlier, he had dumped his Ducati 999 and broken his ankle and several fingers, yet failed to draw sympathy from most of his peers. While […]

Private Preview 2003: The Great Pretenders

For years, suitmakers have sought to lighten wool suits for summer by removing the linings. Next year, with the same goal, Brioni, Canali, Kiton, and Pal Zileri will go a step further and remove the wool. “We’ve developed a cotton that is similar in all respects to Super 150s wool,” explains Gabriele Napoletano, Brioni’s sales […]

Private Preview 2003: Sole Searching

Andrea Artioli has spent the past few years devising a way to bring breathability and enhanced comfort to his custom- and ready-made Artioli footwear. The secret, says the third-generation Italian shoemaker, is an air pump embedded inside the sole. As you walk, it pumps fresh air through perforated openings to the foot’s hot spots. A […]

Private Preview 2003: More Reasons to Stay Home

We doubt if anyone makes a New Year’s resolution to watch more movies. Considering some of the gear that will be available next year, however, we would understand if you did. Linn already provides a wide line of home entertainment products, and the company plans to release a universal (audio and video) disc player next […]

Private Preview 2003: The Pursuit of Perfect Sound

Because watching a DVD is barely worth the effort if you can’t hear it in surround sound, most media rooms disperse the sound with two front speakers, a center, two rears, and a subwoofer—what is known as a 5.1-channel system. While five-channel sound may be the norm today, in the not-too-distant future you should decide […]

Private Preview 2003: Frax to the Max

The planes fly faster. The aircraft choices are greater. Even the plates for meals are improved. The oven aboard the eight-passenger Learjet 45XR is smaller than standard ovens, so Bombardier selected appropriate-size pans and plates to guarantee that passengers enjoy properly heated meals as quickly as possible. “My goal is for our customers to feel […]

Style: Nouveau Riches

Although it remains unclear whether the two men were ever acquainted, it’s easy to imagine architect Antonio Gaudí and jeweler Lluís Masriera meeting in a Barcelona café at the close of the 19th century to exchange ideas about art. After all, these two were forerunners of their country’s explosive Art Nouveau design movement, which was […]

Home Entertainment: Don’t Box Them In

In hi-fi audio, horn speakers are the flamboyant entertainers whose flashy colors and oversize gestures defy you to overlook them. Their kinetic performances, too, are outsize and in-your-face, yet set off by little more than a whit of power, because unlike other speakers, horns are highly efficient. They don’t need much juice to produce an […]

Back Page: A Tale of Two Cars

While offering a glimpse into the future, this issue also includes a new ongoing feature, one that looks at Robb Report’s past. As we considered the candidates for this month’s page, we couldn’t resist a telling pair of automobile ads from our October 1981 issue. A comparison of the two items seems particularly appropriate for […]

Private Preview 2003: Land of the Three

The Maybach’s introduction this summer was as subtle as a turbocharger. A Sikorsky helicopter dangling four cables hovered over the Queen Elizabeth 2 while it made its way into New York Harbor. Workers onboard the cruise ship clipped the cables onto a glass case, and the Sikorsky slowly rose, lifting the case and its contents […]

Private Preview 2003: Seven Wonders of the Week

A fine car has finite characteristics: a powerful engine, striking lines, an inviting interior. Such a vehicle is also imbued with an elusive, ethereal aura that stamps the machine with a presence that is fitting for a particular moment. Just as we choose to wear different styles of clothing on different days to suit the […]

Private Preview 2003: All in Good Time

Time Trial Put up a million dollars to purchase next year’s Veyron supercar from Bugatti, and you’ll have first dibs on an equally groundbreaking Bugatti wristwatch from Parmigiani for a mere $65,000. Bugatti timepieces that aren’t scooped up by Veyron purchasers will be destined for the open market, if they even make it that far. […]

Private Preview 2003: Rising Stars

High jewelry is serious business, but a new generation of bold designers are infusing a sense of whimsy, innovation, and flair into once-staid statement pieces. The most intriguing figures emerging on the jewelry scene include two young New Yorkers, a third-generation Venetian jeweler, and an inventive Milanese designer. Their fresh creative perspectives and unwavering commitment […]

Private Preview 2003: The World of Wine: 2003 Uncorked

After enjoying a wealth of remarkable wines from around the world, the wine trade is about to suffer something of a hangover. This is not to say that the industry lacks exciting wine. France’s highly acclaimed 2000 Bordeaux are here. Italy continues its run of stellar vintages with releases from Piedmont. Australia is about to […]

Private Preview 2003: Smoke Detector

A number of notable cigars have come from a Bahamas resort that employs one of the world’s most experienced and respected torcedors, and the Graycliff Crystal cigar promises to continue that tradition. To keep those and other cigars in top form, we suggest you think outside the box and consider one of Bressay’s innovative humidors, […]

Private Preview 2003: Dawg Gone

That giant whooshing sound you heard in August was the air being let out of the sackful of brand-new high-COR (coefficient of res- titution) drivers that were about to be launched on an American golfing public always eager to shell out $500 or more to get another five or 10 yards off the tee—until the […]

Private Preview 2003: Grand Hotels

When traveling in style next year, you’ll have a host of fresh and intriguing choices to choose from. Fine luxury hotels are opening and reopening in exotic desti-nations such as Chile and Hungary, as well as in more familiar favorite spots such as Jackson Hole, Wyo., the English countryside, and Athens, Greece. Budapest Rising A […]

Private Preview 2003: Hard Shell, Soft Center

Eclecticism isn’t what it used to be. Geoffrey Bradfield’s particular brand of eclecticism—sophisticated juxtapositions of 20th-century styles and unexpected combinations of materials—has itself moved into a simpler realm. “I find our age, and the 21st century in particular, parallels my own quest for simplicity,” says the South African–born designer. “Each time I move, I find […]

Private Preview 2003: Lean Machines that Cook and Clean

Aman’s home is still his castle—his priorities have just changed. The kitchen has taken over from the great hall, and the bathroom has become the royal chambers. You need only compare the floor plans of a luxury house built 25 years ago with those of a 21st-century one to see how these once-humble rooms have […]

Private Preview 2003: Sporty Stateliness

No longer does size equal sluggishness. The perception of yachts, especially those longer than 100 feet, is that they are portly beasts more suited for floating than flying. Yet for 2003, boatmakers are streamlining the hulls and tuning the engines to maximize their yachts’ performances. While a go-fast will still leave your vessel in its […]

Private Preview 2003: Quick Change

One day in July, David Ross, president and CEO of Burger Boat Co., picked up the phone and heard the frantic voice of Steve Bostic, one of his newest clients. “David, you’re going to flip when you hear what I have to say,” said Bostic, who was calling from the Bahamas while on vacation. “Steve, […]

Private Preview 2003: Fast and Furious Go-Fasts

One of the most popular and successful names in performance boating and racing has been discontinued, at least temporarily. Wellcraft Marine recently announced an indefinite halt to its Scarab high-performance boat production, but the company will continue to build Scarab center-console fishing boats at its Sarasota, Fla., factory. Wellcraft may have grounded its go-fasts, but […]

Private Preview 2003: Smooth Sailing

Sailboat owners, say boaters and industry professionals, sometimes scoff at their motoring counterparts. They believe their form of boating is purer, allowing you to become one with your vessel and the water as you scout the winds and trim the sails. But who says a sailboat has to be all work and no play? Many […]

Spirits: The Other Cognacs

There is a decidedly dickensian feel to the premises of Delamain, the Cognac négociant in Jarnac, France. The company has been making Cognac there since the 17th century, and the facility, with its earthen-floor cellars and wood-paneled tasting room, looks as if it hasn’t changed since its founding. This old-world ambience is fitting, because Delamain, […]

Wine: André the Giant

Ask Robert Mondavi. Ask Joseph Heitz. Ask Michael Grgich. Who is the father of Napa Valley winemaking? The Maestro, of course. Such was the sobriquet—respectfully and affectionately bestowed by his friends and students—of the region’s preeminent creative spirit and most colorful character, enological legend André Tchelistcheff. Slight of stature (some have described him as elfin), […]

Travel: Sleeping with the Classics

My husband and I had done our travel homework, so we were prepared for the grandeur of Tasmania’s big-sky landscape, the vast scope of its wilderness setting, the stunning mountains and beaches protected within national parks, and the green of vineyards sweeping down to scenic rivers. But no travel guide could have prepared us for Moorilla […]

Wardrobe: Marine Corps

There is a whiff of battle in the air at Louis Vuitton. “When we are at war, we cannot talk about the strategy,” Patrick Vuitton says with the conviction of a plotting general, referring to the crackdown on phony Vuitton products. “But we have a large intelligence department working to control the counterfeit business.” He […]

Furnishings: Malaysian Motifs

Jiun Ho earned wunderkind status by launching his first furniture collection when he was only 26. “I guess I decided to pay my dues by living my dream and following my passion for design,” he says. Three years later, the collection has expanded to include nearly 80 pieces. “I am always drawing and rarely go […]

Home Electronics: VHS Still on Deck

I realize that people tend to lose track of time as they get older, but has it really been that long since the introduction of DVD? It has only been a couple of years since the medium really took off, but the next advancement in home theater has already arrived, and it is significant enough to […]

Health & Grooming: Saving Face

Eric Malka has a confession to make. “I used to use my wife’s skin care products secretly in the bathroom,” says Malka, who, along with his spouse, My-riam Zaoui, created The Art of Shaving line of shaving products in 1996. Malka no longer performs his skin care regimen behind closed doors now that the couple […]

Sport: Super Fly

Standing on the bow of a flat skiff a few yards from North Monomoy Island off of Cape Cod, Ken Abrames makes a kind of whipping motion with his fly rod. While the passengers on the nearby guide boats cast their flies into the deep water without any success, Abrames follows his own dictum of […]

Aircraft: Going Once, Going Twice, Takeoff

For the past 10 years, Jeff Wampler has been chartering planes and flying out of Willard Airport in Champaign, Ill. Whenever Wampler, president of the Sterling Management real estate development company, wanted to find a flight, he would call three local charter companies and inquire about the availability of a plane. Earlier this year, he […]