Robb Report 2016 Host’s Guide


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Bartenders’ Best-Kept Secret

Styling by Alicia Buszczak Cocktail styling by Karen Gillingham Special thanks to Gearys of Beverly Hills When the London bartender and mixologist Tony Conigliaro bottled his first Manhattan a decade ago, he had no inkling his idea would be so prescient. Prebatching has now become the hottest technique on the cocktail scene. Conigliaro’s original inspiration was a bottle of 1920s […]

Bringing the Bartender Home 

With a new generation of bottled cocktails, precisely crafted & barrel‑aged drinks are just a twist away.  The boom in batched cocktails has had a side benefit for the home bartender: Leading mixologists and distillers have begun bottling their customized drinks, taking advantage of professional techniques such as barrel aging or slowly infusing spirits with […]

The Tippling Point

Straddling the chasm between the Dark Ages of the cocktail and the renaissance to come, maverick writer Dan Dunn makes a leap toward the light, Negroni in hand.  Sixteen years ago, a magazine editor offered me a rather unusual assignment—trek to Turin in northern Italy to report on an event called the flair bartending competition at […]