Robb Report August 2014


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Adventure and Misadventure

Even the most trivial outing can assume the air of an adventure when certain personalities are present. In the first decade of the 20th century, several aristocratic ladies had ample opportunity to reflect upon this truth when they accepted an invitation to dine on Lysistrata, the steam yacht belonging to the newspaper publisher James Gordon […]

Modenese Masterpiece

This year marks a century of carmaking for Maserati, which Alfieri Maserati and his brothers founded in a small garage in Bologna, Italy. They built racecars for Diatto and other Italian automakers until 1926, when they established their namesake marque and began building their own racers. Prior to World War II, Maserati-branded cars earned a […]

Game Changer

The versatile Statesman Table has all the right moves. Configured as the elaborate chessboard shown here, the Skolnik-London Statesman Table ( showcases the design and furniture-making skills of company owner Stephen Skolnik. But the table also exhibits his affection for “Victorian engineering and hand-operated mechanical things.” Turning a wheel built into the underside of the […]

Personal and Confidential

When a group of Brazilian miners recently unveiled a collection of large Paraíba tourmalines of exceptional quality for Caroline Scheufele, owner and copresident of Chopard, she did not hesitate: She made an on-the-spot offer to buy the rare gems. “These were the nicest stones I had seen in years,” she says.   Recognizing the appeal […]

Creative Comeback

Jacob & Co. resumes its exploration of progressive mechanical watchmaking. Jacob & Co.’s latest com­plicated timepiece, a celestial-inspired watch named Astronomia (pictured), is a far cry from the contemporary fare being produced by the Swiss watch industry. The whimsical new wristwatch features a triple-axis tourbillon, representations of Earth and the moon, and a floating dial—all of […]

A New Kia town

Is the K900 the new face of luxury? Kia, the Korean marque that has been selling modestly priced vehicles—compacts, midsize sedans, and compact SUVs—in the United States for the past 20 years, is presenting its new $59,500 flagship as an alternative to pricier European and Japanese offerings.  Notwithstanding the hood badge that looks like a […]

Tourer de Force

The BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive delivers mechanical sophistication and rider comfort. A recent test-ride of the 2014 K 1600 GTL Exclusive, BMW’s top-of-the-line tourer, began in Santa Monica, Calif., and ended in Carmel, Calif., at the annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering, a concours d’elegance and rally for vintage and contemporary bikes. (The Best of Show award […]

Mouse Pads

Luxury makes a magical debut at the Walt Disney World Resort.  The fantasy world that Roy Disney created in the swamplands of central Florida is one of the planet’s most beloved destinations. But a visit to the Walt Disney World Resort—with its theme parks, faux boulevards, and fabled cast of characters—can be a tiresome trip […]

Cross-Cultural Style

Italy’s Brioni turns to Japan for Inspiration. The  recent discovery of a five-decades-old journal in Brioni’s archives in Italy prompted a visit to Japan that in turn has influenced designs in the brand’s fall menswear collection. The collection includes suit jackets that are cut like kimonos—with belted waists and inset lapels—and silk suits and shirts printed […]

Siren Song

For some collectors, the allure of antique fire trucks can be extinguishable.  Andrew Leider’s fascination with fire trucks did not begin in childhood, when they might have captivated him as they flew along the streets of his city with their lights flashing and sirens screaming, or as they glided along the routes of summer parades. […]

Ride Like the Wind

The Huracán is fast and ferocious, but there is a calm inside Lamborghini’s new super sports car.  [bc_legacy_video] Ever since the mid-1970s and the arrival of the Countach, Lamborghinis have looked outrageous—with scoops, wings, scissor doors, and wedge-shaped silhouettes—and been viewed as challenging to drive. Controlling the Countach, Diablo, and Murciélago required the equivalent of a full-body workout […]

Beasts of the Southern Wild

A puma-tracking trip in Chilean Patagonia reveals the hidden life in one of the world’s most extreme and extraordinary landscapes.   Pía Vergara is looking for volunteers. The Chilean photographer is seated at the head of a long wooden table, where much lamb stew and Carménère has been consumed over the course of dinner. The […]

For the Birds

The Peruvian Amazon proves the perfect setting for the Super Bowl of Birding. There was something surreal about the scene in the Peruvian rain forest, where a dozen men were peering intently into the darkness as if summoning the dawn. It would not be long before the group—laden with binoculars, scopes, cameras, and GPS and […]

The Robb Reader: Jon Huntsman

A conversation with the philanthropist, collector, and proud patriarch. A self-made billionaire, Jon Huntsman rose from potato picker in Idaho to owner of one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the United States. Along the way, he has donated more than $1 billion and pledged over half of his wealth to charitable causes. He is […]