Robb Report Collection October 2014


Break Bold: Extreme Art Experiences; Mind-Blowing Magnums; Record-Smashing $38 Million Ferrari; 500 Cars, One Texan

From This Issue

Step Inside

Ken and Sandy Tokita live on a pleasant cul-de-sac in Irvine, Calif., in a home with the manicured landscape and buff-colored Mediterranean architecture that one encounters on most every block of this rigorously planned community. It makes the experience of stepping inside their home all the more stunning. Across the threshold, an enormous black-and-white canvas nearly vibrates with uncontrolled power […]

The 500 Car Dilemma

A light mist falls from low gray clouds, but inside Sam Pack’s private car museum in Dallas, it is as bright as if the sun blazed above. Mustangs, Bel Airs, Thunderbirds, Cobras, and dozens more shine under the overhead lights. A man feather-dusts them, though there is not a speck of dirt in the place. […]

Obsolete Power

In 2004, classic car buff Bob Luther was scanning the classified ads when he spotted a sheriff’s sale in Fairfax, Va. At first he was lured by the promise of a two-wheeled Segway scooter. Then something else caught his eye: an Apple-1 computer. He did a bit of research on the 1976 model and discovered […]

Driven to Abstraction

It all began about 40 years ago, with a mysterious, dense black painting. Ken and Sandy Tokita were riveted by the piece the moment they saw it at the Margo Leavin Gallery in Los Angeles. But they had no idea why the small, diagonally gridded abstraction resonated so strongly with them, or that it would […]

Ports for the Ages

A spectacular vintage and intriguing cellared releases make this a rare moment for collectors of Portugal’s native fortified wine. Like any dutiful port collector, I check my cellared bottles religiously. So it was with a sense of muted horror that I recently noticed some sticky sweet drops directly beneath a bottle of 1945 Dow’s—one of the greatest […]

Pursuits October 2014: Regal Nature

The dawn sky is pink over the apricot dunes in the Wadi Khadeja desert outside Dubai, and the wind is blowing dry and hot. Erin Human, a master falconer, is fretting about the possibility of a sandstorm as we step into a low, mud-brick building that is quarters for about a dozen falcons, hawks, and […]

Iron Hearted

Forty-seven years ago, Marchese Carlo Guerrieri Gonzaga inherited the family farm, a 750-acre estate beneath the Dolomite mountains in Northern Italy called Tenuta San Leo-nardo. Among other crops, its vineyards produced a rustic wine, but the marchese had a different idea. He was convinced the land could produce wine to rival the best of Bordeaux, […]