Robb Report February 2015


The Travel Issue: explore Montenegro, Barcelona,  Bordeaux, Rome, London, Paris, Vienna, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Monte Carlo & more. Plus, around the world by private jet Undersea adventures in a Super Falcon submarine. 

From This Issue

The Mental Traveler

Some undertake a journey to broaden their intellectual horizons, to enrich their perspectives; others trek from place to place to find refuge from circumstances—or from themselves. Shortly after Christmas 1865, a young man sailed from the port of Belém in Brazil for Boston, completing an excursion that began with the latter purpose yet ended with […]

Chantilly Grace

Richard Mille’s inaugural Arts & Elegance concours achieves 100-point perfection. Lying less than an hour’s drive north of Paris, the quaint town of Chantilly (pronounced “shawn-tee-YEE” in French) affords a blessed respite from France’s alluring but chaotic capital. The town, once known for the types of porcelain and lace that were made there, is home to the Domaine de […]

Bages of Honor

The owners of Château Lynch-Bages transform the tiny hamlet surrounding their vineyards and winery into a gracious retreat that pays tribute to the art of living well…

The Robb Reader: Helena Christensen

A conversation with the supermodel, photographer, and world traveler. For Helena Christensen, beauty is more than skin deep. The former Miss Denmark with the piercing eyes was a fixture on the covers of Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar throughout the 1990s. She has since found her footing on the other side of the camera, photographing […]