Robb Report Host’s Guide 2014


Shake, Sip, and Savor the Season. Also, 50 phenomenal pairings— great wines and the food they love. Plus, a spirit's guide to the liquid medium. 

From This Issue

Spirited Away

The holidays abide very much as a state of mind, sparked by twinkling lights, fragrant aromas, and familiar songs. But this is also a season when the heat from a crackling fire is matched by the warmth from a more literal manifestation of the holiday spirit, in a snifter. Both one’s company and one’s gift […]

Fifty Wines for Fifty Dishes

Matchmaking is a disagreeable pursuit: The professional practitioner, after all, is scorned as mercenary, the amateur as meddlesome; and discontent being too often the natural human state, the would-be cupid is unlikely to be remembered fondly, even in success. Thus should endeavors to pair off people be left in the hands of wise hosts, whose sage couplings […]

The Consummate Host: Omar Hernandez

Omar Hernandez has become known as one of New York’s most accomplished hosts. Even jaded partygoers covet an invitation to one of his legendary evenings. Raised in Venezuela and educated as an electrical engineer, Hernandez brings the warmth of his roots and his knowledge of intricate machinery to creating transformative social moments and connecting seemingly […]