Robb Report July 2014


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Drag King

The Greer, Black & Prudhomme is perhaps the most famous top-fuel front-engine dragster of all time and certainly the most successful. It placed first in its debut competition in June 1962 in Pomona, Calif., and by the time the trio of team owner Tom Greer, engine builder Keith Black, and driver Don Prudhomme disbanded in […]

Objects of Confection

Antonin Carême, the great 19th-century French chef, famously considered pastry a form of architecture. So there is a kind of symmetry now that two California architecture students have developed a 3-D printer that produces elaborate, edible confections. Liz and Kyle von Hasseln were grad students at the Southern California Institute of Architecture when they started […]

Roman Ingenuity

Bulgari’s timeless new designs celebrate the Eternal City. When he arrived in Rome from his native Greece in 1881, Sotirio Bulgari probably did not anticipate that the store he established on Via Sistina—just a stone’s throw from the historic Spanish Steps—would one day be renowned as an international jewelry brand whose aesthetic is inextricably linked […]

Sharp Shooter

A Punta Mita Resort’s spearfishing programs take anglers to new depths. It is a perfect day for spearfishing as the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort’s 19-foot panga drops me and my guide, Oswaldo, on a shallow reef near the hotel’s shores. The water is clear and warm, the fish are hungry, and I am looking […]

Amateur Hour

The Humana Challenge’s Rich tradition and rare access perfect the pro-am experience. Sooner or later, all aging amateurs must face the facts: No matter who you know or how much you train, you will likely never run a fast break with LeBron James, catch a quick slant from Tom Brady, or turn a double play […]

Hunger Games

The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu’s new four-night program promises quick gains—and losses. James Kohler, a behemoth with 20-inch biceps and a neck the size of a tree trunk, reaches over my head to affix a gas mask–like contraption to my face. The device, which links to a computer attached to a treadmill, will restrict […]

Midcentury à la Mode

Boglioli offers a fresh take on Italian fashion from the 1960s.   Effortless style—the ability to wear a fitted suit and a perfectly placed pocket square as comfortably as if they were gym clothes—is so integral a part of the Italian ethos that the language contains a specific word to denote it: sprezzatura, the art of […]

The Best Espresso, Bar None

Early on In Live and Let Die, James Bond makes coffee for M with a lever-operated espresso machine that is all polished metal, black knobs, and bachelor-pad confidence. The coffee is just a feint, a way to keep M away from the curvy young lady hiding in the other room. It is also a lot […]

Copenhagen’s Next Wave

Chefs who came up at Noma are opening inventive restaurants of their own and taking the Danish capital’s cuisine into adventurous new territory. At 36, chef René Redzepi is far too young to be thinking about his legacy. But as he bikes through his native Copenhagen in white sneakers, hair flopping as he goes, such […]

Fitting Frenzy

As golf equipment has improved, so has the art of club fitting, which now offers countless configurations and options to help get the most from your swing. Somewhere around the 100th ball, it clicked. I could not miss. Every shot flew exactly where I was aiming—high if I wanted high, right to left if that […]