The 2012 Ultimate Home


Art Deco dream, Jazz Age Paris inspires a 21st-Century Palace. Plus, prized Packards, multimillion-dollar models flaunt the automaker's art. Also, Grand Openings - new destinations in China, Florida, and California.

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Aviation: Alternative Approach

Count XOJet among the private-aviation companies that appear to have moved past the economic crisis. Indeed, the San Francisco–based charter provider, which has been in business since 2006, seems to be thriving. XOJet reports that its revenues grew by 40 percent from 2010 to 2011. Last year, it increased its U.S. fleet size from 24 […]

Wardrobe: Jean Therapy

Of all the wardrobe essentials, the perfect pair of jeans is, oddly, the most elusive. Few men understand that as well as Scott Morrison, a fashion entrepreneur who has established and sold two successful denim brands, Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn. Now Morrison has opened 3×1, a denim boutique in Manhattan that is dedicated […]

Spas: Getting Even

Tense flights, knotty security lines, nagging electronic devices: By the time travelers arrive at a destination, they are less in need of pampering than they are desperate for an antidote to travel itself. Georgi Akirov, an Israeli hotelier, has a vision for spas—a concept that provides relief and more, restoring the modern traveler in body, […]

Motorcycles: Just Your Type

Long, low, and a little rough around the edges, the Zero Engineering Type 9 soft tail is a stirring antidote to mass-produced motorcycles. Its design combines traditional bobber and chopper elements with discreet modern components.   Zero Engineering, a boutique Japanese manufacturer and custom builder that has been operating for two decades, constructs the bike’s […]

Collectibles: Rising with the Tide

Craig Sopin assumed the upcoming 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic would boost demand for the ocean liner’s memorabilia—even more than did the discovery of the wreck in 1985 or the release of the film Titanic in 1997. (Experts generally agree that the latter generated more interest in the ship than did the former.) […]

Home Electronics: Just Add Music

Like most audiophiles, Angel Guadalajara has always had a love of live music. But as an electronics and acoustic engineer, he has also been obsessed with faithfully reproducing the experience at home, an obsession that the Spaniard passed down to his son and business partner, Javier. “My father has a very deep passion to feel […]

Autos: Great Dane

Fast as the Zenvo ST1 is—”ridiculously fast,” says Jesper Jensen, cofounder of Zenvo Automotive, the Danish company that builds the 233 mph supercar—it could be even faster. But Jensen had other priorities when he and automotive engineer and business partner Troels Vollersten began developing the ST1 eight years ago. “Most important is the design,” says […]

Boating: In the Stars

John Paul Dejoria likes to hit the road in his 1957 Chevy Bel Air and ride the tracks in his private 1927 American Car and Foundry Company railcar. So when the owner of Paul Mitchell Hair Systems and the Patrón Spirits Company (see “The Robb Reader,” page 144) decided it was time for a boat, […]

Golf: Father of Pearl

At 86, golf architect Pete Dye is still in full swing. The energetic octogenarian has a half dozen new projects in Latin America alone, most in conjunction with his son Perry. The duo’s latest collaboration, the Black Pearl, opened last year as the cornerstone of Pristine Bay, a sparkling resort community on Honduras’s Roatán Island. […]

Spirits: Spirituous Revival

Records may stand for a period of time, but they never endure. This knowledge may have traveled southward with Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton, who, in 1907, led an expedition from England to Antarctica aboard Nimrod, in hopes of being the first man to reach the South Pole. This attempt was his second: In 1901, he […]

Packard’s Twin Peaks

When a 1932 Packard Twin Six custom convertible sold for $1.1 million last summer during RM Auctions’ St. John’s sale in Michigan, the car’s provenance no doubt influenced its price as much as its rarity did. The Twin Six was one of only two examples that Packard built, and it was delivered new to Al […]

The Robb Reader: John Paul DeJoria

Growing up in Los Angeles as a child of immigrants, John Paul DeJoria sold greeting cards and delivered newspapers to help support his family. After serving in the United States Navy, he worked several jobs—from driving a tow truck to pumping gas—before launching a hair-care business with his late friend Paul Mitchell. John Paul Mitchell […]

Leisure: Hot Spots

Although men may have smoked together since the first tobacco leaves were rolled and torched with fire, the proper cigar lounge was a 19th-century invention. Indeed, in spite of Queen Victoria’s disapproval of tobacco, it became a cherished ritual for like-minded gentlemen to bond over snifters and cigars in a well-appointed space. The tradition blazed […]

Serious Indulgence

Western Front | Of all the new properties considered by the editors for Robb Report’s 2012 Ultimate Home award, one exceptional residence—a 22,000-square-foot Italian-style limestone villa in Beverly Hills—was overwhelmingly determined to be most worthy of this year’s distinction. The creators of the seven-bedroom house, which was completed in October of last year, include a […]

Endless Winter

World-record holder Mark Jones just made a rookie mistake. Already too far down a powdery chute, he attaches skins to the bottoms of his skis and begins to climb the slope he descended moments before. The 55-year-old guide moves quickly, steadily up the steep incline, his fluorescent snow pants swishing back and forth like a […]

Travel: The Fisher King

Though residents of Fisher Island Club will tell you otherwise, the cockatiels and macaws in the resort’s aviary are not squawking “My island for your boat.” That was, however, the deal cut by Carl Fisher in 1925, when he bartered his Florida private island for The Eagle, a 250-foot yacht owned by William Vanderbilt II—a […]