The Radical 2010 Rapide


Aston Martin's long-awaited 4-door sports car. Plus, Travel - timeless new hotels in Tuscany, and Watches - original movements from Cartier and Bulgari. Also, Grand Openings - new destinations in Barcelona, Chicago, Lake Tahoe, and Venice.

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Independence Movements

Serious collectors may purchase timepieces from a jeweler, but many shy away from buying a watch made by even the most prestigious jewelry houses. “I have to say that when I see a watch from a jewelry brand, I think of jewelry, not watches,” admits Mark Richards, a Texas-based collector of complicated timepieces from traditional […]

Under the Tuscan Sundial

In Tuscany, the most ordinary landscapes are strewn with the detritus of history. Rutted roads and trails dating to the Roman Empire cut through the countryside, leading past Renaissance manors, medieval cathedrals, and centuries-old wineries. The region’s timelessness, however, has an inconvenient corollary: Things do not move very fast in this part of Italy. “You […]

Rapide Fire

Dr. Ulrich Bez, Aston Martin’s illustrious CEO, has an affinity for four-door vehicles. The stunningly sporty and elegant 2010 Aston Martin Rapide—which officially debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September—is just the latest evidence of his affection. “I did a four-door sports car before, when I was at Porsche in the 1980s,” says Bez. […]

Autos: B Is For…

BMW’s new 5 series GT is a rare thing indeed. It is a concept that not only deftly avoids conventional pigeonholing but one that also constitutes its own category. The strategy behind the GT is simple: to deliver a vehicle that combines the load-lugging versatility of an estate wagon with the people-carrying capability of a minivan—all […]

Boating: Class Distinction

In the past decade, Benetti has produced more than 100 yachts longer than 80 feet, amassing a total footage that easily bests the output of any other builder. This disparity should only increase in the coming years, as the Italian yacht company rolls out its all-new Class series. The first two models in the Class […]

Wardrobe: Down Under

In 1954, a little-known French sleeping-bag, glove, and snowsuit maker named Moncler used its billowy white blanket filler as insulation in the extreme-climate jackets it created for renowned French mountain climber Lionel Terray. A year later, the alpinist gave these innovative garments high-profile (as well as high-altitude) exposure when he and his expedition team wore […]

Spas: Curative Measures

With its abundance of beach resorts and wellness retreats, Hawaii has become a haven for spa-goers. But unlike other popular spa destinations, such as Italy and Japan, the Hawaiian Islands have no real spa culture to speak of, and few traditional spa practices from which to draw. So when the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on […]

Sport: Raging Beauty

My rafting adventure last May on Idaho’s Bruneau River began well before our group reached the white water. Two hours into a drive across empty sage-strewn desert, our caravan of Suburbans transitioned from a gravel road to what appeared to be a cow trail. We halted abruptly in front of a hazardous crag, where our […]

Home: Curtain Call

A thread of summer runs through the new Island series of fabrics from Anthony Lawrence-Belfair (ALB). The New York–based custom-furnishings company charged interior designer Juan Montoya with creating the line’s 10 light and refined patterns, which creative director Lana Lawrence, daughter of ALB founder Anthony Lawrence, calls “casual yet elegant.” For Montoya—who worked with Lana on […]

Watches: Three O’Clock Roadblock

‘‘i went to Paris and learned how Coco Chanel approached fashion,” says complicated-watch specialist Giulio Papi of his visit to the fabled house to discuss collaboration on a new timepiece. “It was then that I agreed to take on this project, because I like to work the same way with watches.” The synergy was particularly […]

Splendor in Ruins

Even in Napa Valley, where pride of place generally takes precedence over progress, history occasionally gives way to expedience. Fortunately, when a landmark Napa property owned by the Livingston family was sold in 2005, its buyer had a profound respect not only for its past but for its future as the home of his own […]

Wheels: Porsche Perfect

In the world of high-performance cars, the Porsche 911 Turbo has nothing to prove. Introduced to the United States in 1976 as the Porsche 930, the vehicle made quite a splash with its “whale tail” rear spoiler and 260 hp 3-liter 6-cylinder engine—the first series-production sports-car engine equipped with a turbocharger (hence the modern-day nameplate). […]

From the Editor: A Tuscan Retreat

Tuscany’s idyllic scenery suggests to the modern visitor a simple life of refinement and repose, far removed from the vulgar intrusions of urban existence. As writer Jack Smith observes in this month’s feature “Under the Tuscan Sundial”, the landscape had a similar appeal for the Medici and other ruling families who, from the 14th century […]