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Ultimate guide to international travel. Five groundbreaking fashion trends for men. Revolutionary yacht designers.  Your private jet can pay for itself. Preview the year's most elite art. 

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Home Electronics: Panel Discussion

When you think of speakers, you probably picture a box. Whether its casing has a natural wood veneer or is painted a glossy black, or whether the grille protecting the drive units is cloth or foam, the image is still Cubist. And regardless of its appearance, its technology will be almost identical to those of […]

From The Editor: The Art of Escape

All of us imagine a place to unwind—a theoretical oasis of serenity in a world of tumult about which, during the less frenetic interludes of our daily routines, we sometimes dream: an ideal environment, free of any unpleasant reminders (such as cell phones, contracts, or tax attorneys) of the quotidian, the commonplace, the crude. Such […]

Personal Technology: See Here

The winning squad in last year’s World Series of Birding, an annual competition in which more than 50 teams vie to spot the most bird species in 24 hours, admits that it had an edge: killer binoculars. “Our Swarovski binoculars are very good at light gathering, so after dark we can scan for owls on snags,” […]

Back Page: The Future Was Then

If it were possible to accurately, consistently foretell the future, day-trading would still be a viable profession and operating a casino would not be. By now, were we not supposed to be piloting flying cars, eating food pills for lunch, and letting our robot butlers handle the household chores? (Perhaps those are not the best […]

Health & Grooming: Head Strong

Rodolfo Valentin may have the requisite foreign accent, but he is not your typical celebrity hair stylist, or designer, as they prefer to be called now. Rather than apply a signature cut, he instead follows his client’s physical and emotional cues to determine a style that flatters not only appearance but character as well. “I […]

Great Escapists

You don’t need a compass to recognize that the concept of mobility is the prevailing undercurrent for spring fashion. From suits and sportswear in natural, wrinkle-resistant cloths to retro-inspired resort wear to updated nautical and adventure gear, menswear is exploring new territories. For instance, suitmakers Ermenegildo Zegna, Belvest, and Cantarelli clearly did not have the […]

Symposium: Crossed Signals

While many porschephiles are upset about the new Cayenne SUV, their ire is not focused on any shortcomings that the vehicle might exhibit. Instead, they decry its very existence. The Cayenne is Porsche’s first attempt at a family-friendly vehicle, and that is precisely the problem. Porsche drivers do not want to see their beloved marque […]

Autos: Lucky Seven

Of the 700 functions that BMW’s iDrive mechanism can control, only one is regularly employed by the average 7 Series owner; the remaining 99.6 percent of the system’s capabilities tend to be ignored. “The majority of customers utilize iDrive like you’d expect: for changing radio stations,” says Tom Purves, president of BMW North America. “They […]

Motorcycles: Corner Carving Carnivore

In 1989, the Campagna T-Rex made a dubious debut. A driver took the three-wheeled machine for test laps around a Canadian racetrack, and 10 minutes into the ride, he ran the vehicle off the course and destroyed it. It seemed as if the T-Rex was on a fast path toward extinction. However, T-Rex inventor Daniel […]

Designs of the Times

Designing a yacht is no big feat, says an architect who will remain unnamed to spare him the fury of boating professionals. “Space is space,” he says. A yacht is little more than a floating house, he argues, and hardly an architectural wonder.   Designer Luiz de Basto, whose yachts have been nominated three times […]

Wealth Management: It’s OK to Say No

Patricia Poitras does not feel guilty anymore. When charities approach her foundation for donations, she bases her response on two simple yes-or-no questions. If the answers are no, Poitras graciously declines the request without any pangs of remorse or second-guessing her conscience. She did not always follow this strategy, though. About 20 years ago, she […]

Sport: Mane Attraction

It takes only a short stroll along Middleburg’s leafy streets to confirm that you have arrived in one of America’s equestrian capitals. Washington Street, the main road of this 18th-century Virginia village, is lined with shops dense with the scent of fine leather from boots, saddles, and riding gear. Other shops, such as the Finicky […]

Travel: Quiet Time

Chetek, Wis., might not be the first place that leaps to mind when you are mulling over romantic getaway spots, but it happens to be home to the only Midwestern resort that has earned membership in the prestigious Relais & Chateaux hotel and resort group. Canoe Bay is not easy to get to (two hours’ […]

Smoke: Gathering Smoke

A couple of years ago, I was browsing at a flea market on London’s Portobello Road when a sterling silver cigar case caught my eye. Its square corners were the first clue that it had not been made for the panatella-shaped cigars that have been popular since the late 1800s. Indeed, it was hallmarked 1854, making […]

Spirits: Portable Potables

In 1957, acclaimed entertainer and Rat Pack mainstay Sammy Davis Jr. placed a special order with Hermès of Paris. A devout cocktail enthusiast who spent much of the year on the road between engagements, Davis required a portable travel bar that would keep his favorite libations within easy mixing distance. The bar was to be no […]

Boating: Bahamian Rhapsody

As its second edition approaches, the International Yacht & Jet Show already has a legend attached to it. The story goes that a Scottish gentleman was enjoying his vacation in the Bahamas last April, and after gambling (presumably with some degree of success) in the casino at Atlantis, the Paradise Island resort, he decided to […]

Appliances: The Küppersbusch Cometh

Küppersbusch (kewp-puhrs-boosh), a deluxe line of ultrasleek cooktops and ovens, is the latest of Germany’s superbly engineered kitchen appliances to reach the United States. Based in the Ruhr Valley, Küppersbusch has been supplying “cookers” to Europe since 1875, when it built coal-fired enamel stoves for home use. Eventually, the company added electric and gas models, […]

Watches: Ahead of his Time

Would you buy a watch from a designer whose work was thrown out of Switzerland’s most prestigious exhibition? For many watch enthusiasts, whether they realize it or not, the answer is yes.   The offbeat flair of Gérald Charles Genta, a pioneering—and perhaps the most daring—designer in watchmaking, has not always sat well with the […]

Leisure: Fare Thee Well

When art dealer Otto Naumann was ready to bring to market his finest acquisition, a $40 million Rembrandt painting of the goddess Minerva, he knew exactly where the grand unveiling should take place. He did not take it to Paris or London, nor did he stay home in New York. Instead, he waited for the […]

Wings & Water: Jet Revenue Stream

The numbers do not lie to Jim Ferraro, a product liability lawyer from Miami, Fla. For him at least, one-eighth of 8 million equals more than 6 million. That is to say, Ferraro has determined that he can save money by giving up his one-eighth share of an $8 million Hawker 800XP and instead purchasing […]