10 Luxurious Gifts From Black-Owned Brands to Give This Holiday Season

From emerald heirlooms to sustainable home goods, these options put a premium on quality and style.

Black Owned Holiday Gifts Goodee/Mateo

Black artisans and the businesses they own produce some seriously high-end products, so if you’re still shopping for gifts this holiday season—or you want to get a head start for 2021—their offerings are a great place to look. From Matthew Harris’s covetable jewelry line Mateo to Aswell’s skin-softening bath tea, the gifts below will add a little luxury to your life.

Aswell Herbal Bath Tea

Aswell for Balancing Herbal Bath Tea

Aswell produces thoughtfully made bathing products (don’t miss their excellent soaps), but one of their most intriguing goods is a tea blend made for steeping in your tub. It features green tea, tulsi and ginger, a combination designed to promote relaxation. And if you want to soothe and soften your skin this winter, you could do worse than submerging yourself in a bath full of antioxidants.

Buy Now: $20

Mateo Muzo Columbian Emerald Studs

Mateo Muzo Emerald Studs

In the words of Robb Report‘s watches and jewelry editor Paige Reddinger, “You can’t go wrong with emerald studs, especially Muzo.” Mateo, a New York jewelry studio, uses the brilliant Columbian stones to great effect, surrounding them with round diamonds and mounting them on 14k gold. They’re a modern heirloom that won’t go out of style.

Buy Now: $1,250

Harwell Godfrey “Major” Moon Pendant

Harwell Godfrey "Major" Moon Pendant

If you’re in the market for something even more striking, try one of Harwell Godfrey’s moon-shaped pendants. They’re offered in a variety of stone inlays (like turquoise and lapis lazuli) that the studio makes to order. But if you know a glamorous eccentric who likes mother of pearl, there’s a version with that inlay available to ship right now.

Buy Now: $7,450

Goodee Bassi Market Tote

Goodee Bassi Market Tote

Few people know what makes a good bag better than Byron and Dexter Peart, who sold their first venture, Want Les Essentiels, in 2017. Their new business, Goodee, launched last year and offers consciously made home goods and accessories under their own label (as well as a variety of wares made by other brands). This market tote, made by refugees in Italy using handwoven fabric from Burkina Faso, supports artisans all over the world.

Buy Now: $199

Joanna Howard Reversible Throw

Joanna Howard Reversible Throw

It’s hard to be a conscious consumer and still feel cozy under a blanket made out of materials that are bad for the planet. Johanna Howard’s reversible throw, made from soft baby alpaca hair in a fair-trade certified textile studio in Peru, is a guilt-free way to get warm—and it comes in five color combinations, so you’ll be able to suit nearly any decor.

Buy Now: $398

For Dirty Dogs Dog Shampoo

For Dirty Dogs Dog Shampoo

If there’s a pet lover in your life, they’ll no doubt appreciate the two shampoos from For Dirty Dogs. The conditioning shampoo will keep your dog’s skin clean and healthy at bath time, while the dry shampoo will help control oil and excess dirt between washings. Best of all, both products are formulated with natural ingredients that won’t irritate dogs with sensitive skin.

Buy Now: $12+

Estelle Glassware Wine Glass Set

Estelle Glassware Wine Glass Set

Inspired by her grandmother’s collection of brightly colored glassware, Stephanie Summerson Hall offers modern updates on the originals she remembers from childhood through her South Carolina-based company Estelle. You could, of course, buy six wine glasses of the same striking color, or you can create your own mix with this customizable set. Regardless of color, the glasses’ angular shape should prove especially helpful for opening up bold reds.

Buy Now: $190

Linoto Belgian Linen Sheet Set

Linoto Belgian Linen Sheet Set

Belgian linen is known for its remarkable longevity—and for the way it gets softer with each successive wash. Linoto, a New York-based homewares company, sources long-staple flax fibers from European mills to craft its most luxurious bedding offering, which can be customized for everything from a shallow twin mattress to an extra-deep California King.

Buy Now: $489

Trade Street Jam Co. Jam Club

Trade Street Jam Co. Jam Club

For a gift that keeps on giving, try Trade Street Jam Co.’s Jam Club, which ships a different version of one of this inventive food company’s low-sugar, high-impact spreads every month. The flavors vary from blends of blueberry, lemon and basil to strawberry, chipotle and fig. Plus, if you’re in the club, you get a 15 percent discount and early access to new flavors. Membership really does have its privileges.

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Black-Owned Market Subscription Box

Black Owned Market Subscription Box

Speaking of subscription services, the Black-Owned Market offers its own take of the gift that keeps on giving: monthly shipments that offer a sampling of its member’s wares, from Harlem Candle Co’s luxurious scented candles to Scotch Porter’s beard conditioner.

Learn More: Here $39+

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