Ajna Living is Successfully Disrupting Outdoor Furniture Industry with Direct to Consumer Model

Some of the best days are spent outdoors, relaxing or entertaining friends. For Jeremy Seglem and Kristin Kennedy, the ability to truly enjoy these moments under the sun was hindered by a lack of great furniture. Out of both frustration and a passion for backyard living, these business savvy, creative entrepreneurs were able to manifest their ideal company. In turn, they named their enterprise Ajna Living, after the third eye chakra where dreams are revealed.  

In the outdoor furniture space, your options are limited. A quality furniture set that’s both visually appealing, comfortable, and durable is a true investment that’s often out of reach. The alternatives, while affordable, aren’t built to endure the seasons and stand the test of time. That’s where Ajna Living comes in.

Since 2014, this outdoor furniture company has been in the business of designing and manufacturing beautiful pieces at fair prices. The two are disrupting the market by offering a direct-to-consumer model that cuts out the middlemen and expensive showrooms across the country. Customers can order stunning outdoor furniture sets, pillows, and chaise lounges online at wholesale prices.

Every product is shipped directly from Ajna Living’s Pasadena, CA showroom to your doorstep. Within days, customers across the United States can enjoy their outdoor living spaces in luxury without breaking the bank or hauling furniture home from the store. All pieces are delivered fully assembled, so open the box and you’re done. With simple, timeless options and a limited line of curated products, Ajna Living provides new ways to explore the beauty of your own backyard.


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