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12 Luxurious Products That Can Turn Your Next Bath Into a Spa Experience

No rubber duckies, though. Sorry.

The best luxury bath products, from Diptyque, Sisley, Byredo and more. Shutterstock / ImageFlow

There’s no reason to take a bath unless you make an event out of it—and if you can, theres is every reason to take a bath. It’s an ideal way to clear the mind, relax the body, refresh and calm the skin. And to do all that, you need to stock up on some top-tier products—ones that nourish and soothe on all levels. These products are our own favorites for a luxurious bath, and will make your bathroom feel like it’s been transformed into a 5-star spa.

Set the Scene

Herbivore Soaking Salts Set

Depending on the night, prescribe yourself one of Herbivore’s two Dead Sea soaking salts—the mind-soothing ‘Calm’ combines ylang ylang and vanilla, while lavender- and eucalyptus-infused ‘Detox’ aims to refresh the body too. Both options double as aromatherapy, ensuring a sensory experience in addition to the salts’ muscle- and mind-relaxing powers.

Buy Now: $32

Diptyque Precious Oils for Bath and Body

Diptyque Precious Oils for Body and Bath


A blend of sweet almond, macadamia and argan oils, Diptyque’s potion benefits you both during and after the bath. You can pour a capful into the tub to help moisturize the skin and prevent overdrying. Or, you can coat yourself in it afterward, particularly after a gritty full-body scrub, for a skin-tingling and ultra-nourishing result.

Buy Now: $78

Claus Porto Banho Candle

Claus Porto Banho Candle

Moda Operandi

While any of Claus Porto’s candles are worthy of your bath-ledge real estate, it’s Banho that we recommend most. And not because ‘Banho’ means bath; instead, the citrus-verbena-basil-vanilla blend is equally uplifting for the senses as it is grounding for the mind. Just add water—and maybe an Enya playlist.

Buy Now: $75

Antica Farmacista ‘Prosecco’ Bubble Bath

Antica Farmacista Prosecco Bubble Bath

Antica Farmacista

If bubbles are your thing, then pick a skin-soothing product with ultra-nourishing ingredients. Antica Farmacista’s’Prosecco’ bubbles are worthy of a toast, thanks to the inclusion of honey, aloe, green tea, and jojoba oil, all of which nurture and calm the skin rather than dry it out. Citrus, floral and fruit notes emanate from it all, too, giving Prosecco an aromatic edge against a bubble-less bath.

Buy Now: $38

Cleanse and Exfoliate

Grown Alchemist Enzyme Exfoliant

Grown Alchemist Enzyme Exfoliant

Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist’s liquid exfoliant works quick to dissolve dead skin cells, sans scrub. It’s packed with amino acids and fruit extracts and is more or less an exfoliating face mask that you rinse away after 10 minutes. Follow with a deep-cleansing mask and a nourishing night oil (read on) for an at-home complexion refresh that rivals any spa facial.

Les Bains Guerbois 3 Salts Melting Body Scrub

Les Bains Guerbois 3 Salts Melting Body Scrub

Les Bains Guerbois

A trio of salts, from the Dead Sea, France, and the Himalayas, combine for an effective and skin-friendly body scrub—plus one that dissolves in the bath after rinsing. Rub this scrub in small circles all around your body, avoiding the face, and you’ll feel as smooth and polished as if you spent the day rolling in the sand. It’s the perfect alley-oop for a post-bath body oil or lotion, too, and will magnify the powers of either product since you’ve buffed away all your dead skin cells.

Buy Now: €49

Sisley Eau du Soir Scented Soap

Sisley Eau du Soir Bar Soap


Does your body soap double as a moisturizer? It had better if you’re spending all that time in the water. Or rather, it had better not further dehydrate the skin—which, oddly, can happen when soaking in a tub of hydration. Sisley’s bar soap not only cleans and conditions the skin, but it also leaves a light citrus, floral and patchouli scent. Eau du Soir translates to “essence of the night,” which sounds just about right for your soothing evening in the bath.

Buy Now: $40


Sisley Paris Regenerating Hair Mask

Sisley Paris Regenerating Hair Mask


There never seems to be an easy time for an ultra-conditioning hair mask, since it requires you to rinse your hair twice in a short window of time. But a bath presents you with the ideal scenario: Simply wash your hair, then put in this deep-penetrating blend of vitamins, minerals and four nourishing oils—macadamia, hazelnut, camellia, and shea—to restore vibrancy, moisture and movement to dry, damaged or lifeless hair. Then rinse it into the tub after 10 minutes.

Buy Now: $95

Golden Door Golden Peel-A-Way Masque

Golden Door Peel Away Mask

Golden Door

As the final skincare step in the tub itself, this enzyme- and botanical-enriched mask extracts the deepest and gnarliest impurities from your pores. Plus, as it firms up, the gold formula gives you the richest reflection you’ve ever known. After you peel it away, you’ll have the freshest, most youthful reflection, too.

Buy Now: $69


Opuntia Luxury Oils REVIVAL Night Face Oil

Opuntia Night Revival Face Oil


This post-bath face oil is also aromatically uplifting. It absorbs quickly into the skin to help repair and boost cellular turnover with the aid of extracts from ingredients like prickly pear, avocado, red raspberry, sunflower, carrot and sage. It warms the senses as much as it calms and nourishes the skin, promising you’ll wake up tomorrow looking rested and rejuvenated.

Buy Now: $125

Byredo Black Saffron Body Lotion

Nothing is as rewarding as the post-bath full-body lotion lather, especially if you scrubbed away all your dead cells with a body exfoliant. Byredo’s Black Saffron lotion, like much of the above bath products, doubles as aromatherapy, and will soothe you to sleep while it tickles and hydrates your freshly buffed body.

Buy Now: $65

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