California Skiing

Southern Californians can practice skiing year-round with the opening of SkyTech Sport in Beverly Hills. The German company’s first U.S. outpost, SkyTech offers two large ski and snowboard simulators that re-create the physics of skiing. Nearly every aspect of the run is customizable, from its length and slope to the iciness of the snow. Though it takes a few minutes to acclimate, users will quickly find themselves rhythmically zooming back and forth, carving up the virtual slope and zipping around slalom gates. For those who prefer the comfort of skiing in their own homes, SkyTech offers its line of simulators for sale, with the most basic model selling for $20,000, and the most recent and advanced version, which features a 3-D panoramic display and 24 feet of skiable space, priced at $100,000. Lessons at the Beverly Hills studio begin at $130 an hour, and multi-session training packages are available. Now the California stereotype of surfing and skiing in the same weekend really holds true. (800.405.5025, www.skytechsport.com)