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With an Integrated Soundbar, This New Luxury Bed Is as Smart as You Want It to Be

Old meets new with a highly customizable innerspring mattress and a smart speaker than can help optimize your bedroom for better sleep.

Dux One Bed Marcus Lawett/Duxiana

Long before the pandemic forced purveyors of high-end goods to start selling everything from yachts to real estate on digital platforms, Duxiana—the Swedish luxury mattress-maker—was already planning to offer its newest bed, the Dux One, online. And considering that it was built to adapt to the rigors of modern life, there’s probably no better place for it.

The bed, which is the first product the 90-year-old company has sold online, has been in the works for about two years. Part of that time was dedicated to working with California-based audio brand Stellé to develop a smart soundbar that integrates into the end of the bed. That module, which will be available in the fall, is compatible with Alexa, so it can do everything from telling you the weather to orchestrating wake-up and bedtime routines with your other smart devices and appliances.

Dux One Bed

With a removable top pad for easy cleaning and a slot for a smart speaker, The Dux One Bed is highly customizable.  Marcus Lawett/Duxiana

“We think that the tech can help control and optimize bedroom settings: temperature, air, humidity—everything from the drapes to shutting off the TV if you have that in your room,” said Duxiana’s CEO Henrik Ljung, a member of the fourth generation of his family to run the business, in an interview with Robb Report. “It’s bringing in technology to help improve and optimize the sleeping environment outside the mattress.”

That tech garnered good reviews when it was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. Still, Duxiana has made it optional for those who’d prefer not to have an AI voice assistant embedded in their mattress.

And even without the bells and whistles, Ljung is confident that the Dux One is a “giant leap” in comfort compared to other mattresses you can purchase online. The brand’s track record would appear to support that notion. After all, Duxiana makes the beds preferred by some of the world’s best-known hotels. If you’ve spent a night at the Burj al Arab in Dubai, The Surrey in New York City or The Setai in Miami, you’ve already slept on one of Duxiana’s models.

Dux One Bed

Options for the Dux One abound: You can choose everything from leg height to headboard upholstery fabrics.  Duxiana

The beds are prized for how well they conform to the body, which Ljung credits to their unique system of interlinked springs. “Modular” sometimes feels like a low-rent descriptor, but it’s apt here: All the individual components on offer are easy to replace if they’re damaged or wear out over time.

The beds are also uncommonly customizable. To wit, you can order a Dux One with an online Bed Builder tool that allows you to choose everything from the height, material and color of the legs to optional bed skirts and headboards in neutral shades, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. The top pad is removable for easy cleaning, and Duxiana will fine-tune the springs if they ever fall out of whack.

It’s an old way of making a bed, but Ljung believes it’s one area where Duxiana doesn’t need to innovate.

“Let’s put it this way,” he said. “We are in love with our spring system until we find something else we believe does the job better.”

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