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Why Sweat When You Don’t Have to? 7 Products to Keep You Dry in the Hot, Hot Heat

The heat wave may be over, but summer's still going. These products will help make the rest of it less of a sweaty mess.

These grooming products will make you look and feel less sweaty. Grown Alchemist

“Don’t sweat the small stuff,” we say to ourselves, whenever life sends trifles our way. Except for when that trifle is sweat itself. That’s when the anxiety pours out of our pores, along with half our water weight. 

Few things are more unpleasant than the feeling, or the visibility, of breaking a sweat when we don’t want to. And it can happen any time of year (not just in the wake of historic heatwaves), because our bodies are constantly adjusting from too much humidity, too much insulation, too high a heart rate, too little ventilation, and so forth. 

Luckily, there are numerous grooming products that address this concern. They minimize forehead shine, underarm pooling, hyperhidrosis and all-over sweating. To improve matters quickly, stock up on the below products and savor your newfound comfort, no matter the season.

Golden Door Soothing Toner

Elminate sweat with Golden Door's Soothing Toner


If you’re prone to shiny skin—i.e. excess sweating and a glossy forehead—then use a toner after cleansing your skin, and before moisturizing. Soothing, hydrating toners like Golden Door’s will deliver nourishing ingredients to the skin, such as extracts of green tea, cucumber, and nettle. That last one, nettle, is a natural astringent that tones skin, clarifies oil levels and reduces inflammation. It’s a smart addition to your regimen, and absorbs quickly and entirely, so you won’t even notice it underneath your moisturizer.

Buy Now: $28

Grown Alchemist Matte Balancing Moisturizer

Eliminate Sweat With Grown Alchemist's Lightweight Moisturizer


No two lightweight moisturizers will have the same formula, but that word—lightweight—is one you can look out for when shopping for a breathable daily hydrator. So is “mattifying”, because it implies that it will reduce shine and keep your skin looking natural and photo-ready. Grown Alchemist’s moisturizer is both of these things, and uses antioxidant- and vitamin-rich açaí to brighten and protect your complexion. Meanwhile, the polyphenols from sesame seed work to mattify excess oil, without dehydrating the skin.

Buy Now: $55

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

Elimate sweat with Ursa Major's Essential Face Wipe

If you’re going to sweat, but aren’t going to be near a sink or shower soon, then tote a toning and cleansing face wipe for the day. Ursa Major’s work fourfold, to cleanse, exfoliate, soothe and hydrate the skin. They’re packed with alpha-hydroxy acids, green tea, willow bark, sodium hyaluronate and birch sap, to keep skin feeling fresh and looking youthful—sun spell be damned. They’re essential for long-haul flights on planes that don’t have onboard showers.

Buy Now: $24

Dr. Hauschka Silk Body Powder

Eliminate sweat with Dr. Hauschka's Body Silk Powder


Lots of guys are suspicious of talc powders and their potential to cause cancer. And, since there are talc-free options out there, why not opt for one of them? Dr. Hauschka’s oat- and sage-packed talc-free powder, for example, is safe enough to apply anywhere on the body. You can even put it on your face as a mattifying top layer, or as a dry shampoo in your hair. It absorbs excess moisture without drying the skin, and prevents odor and bacterial growth in the process.

Buy Now: $28

COOLA Mineral Body Sunscreen SPF 50

Eliminate sweat with Coola's SPF 50


If you’re going to be out in the sun, then you’re probably going to sweat. The best strategy for managing it is to pick a lightweight, easily absorbed sunscreen that won’t aggravate the situation. Plus, you want one that endures the sweating, so that you don’t have to keep reapplying. COOLA’s SPF 50 body sunscreen, which is water- and sweat-resistant up to 80 minutes, absorbs quickly. Unlike many mineral sunscreens, which leave a white cast in their wake, this one has a transparent finish.

Buy Now: $36

CertainDri Antiperspirant Deodorant

Eliminate sweat with Certain Dri antiperspirant


An antiperspirant deodorant may be the most obvious inclusion of the bunch, though guys with hyperhidrosis (or guys who eat lots of garlic) will appreciate a stronger, prescription-strength shield from perspiration. Certain Dri’s stick halts perspiration for up to 72 hours, as well as odor for the entire day. The active ingredient here is Aluminum Chloride 12%, which is about as serious as you can get when it comes to stopping sweat.

Buy Now: $6

Sweatblock Antiperspirant Lotion for Hands and Feet

Eliminate sweat with Sweat Block hand and feet antiperspirant


With the (very) active ingredient aluminum chloride 14%, Sweat Block stops perspiration for even the sweatiest amongst us. If you have particularly sweaty hands and feet, then stock up on this lotion. It’ll give you the confidence to shake someone’s hands without an apology. For the best results, you need to apply the lotion before bed and again twice per day, but with continued use, those applications will gradually drift further apart.

Buy Now: $13

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