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11 Luxurious Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything

Father's Day is on Sunday. Are you ready?

It's not to late to get your dad an amazing, luxurious Father's Day gift. Bob's Watches

Dads can be notoriously difficult to shop for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something incredibly luxurious for even the most discerning fathers—or father figures—you’re celebrating this weekend. We scoured the luxury universe, spanning watches, style, cigars, steaks and even jewelry, to find a selection of gifts that are sure to impress and delight. And while it really is the thought that counts, isn’t it more fun for everyone when those thoughts lead gift-givers to unique and memorable objects and experiences? Eleven things that fit that bill, below.

Omega Speedmaster Limited Edition Ultraman

Omega Speedmaster Limited Edition Ultraman

Bob's Watches

Just last year, all 2012 pieces of this limited-edition Omega reference watch sold out within two hours of its release. If you couldn’t get your hands on one last July, here’s your opportunity to buy one that just came up for sale at Bob’s Watches. It’s already commanding $3,395 more than its original retail price of $7,100.

Buy Now: $10,495

Mishima Reserve Cap of Ribeye Flight

It’s hard to go wrong getting dad steaks for Father’s Day, but with so many cuts to choose from, it can be tough to decide on the right one. Opt for the unexpected choice that’s sneakily a chef’s favorite: the ribeye cap—the perfect sliver of muscle on top of a traditional ribeye.

“Cap steak is like the best steak on the entire animal. If you take it off by itself it’s unreal,” says Chris Pandel, executive chef at Swift and Sons in Chicago. “It’s well marbled, it’s a lifter muscle so it’s used a ton, which gives you a rich, beefy flavor.” The premium online beef purveyor Mishima Reserve offers a flight three different ribeye caps, each containing a different level of fat marbling.

David Yurman Meteorite Signet Ring

Men’s jewelry doesn’t work for everyone, but David Yurman’s meteorite signet ring is an exception. It’s a cool, masculine ring and a great conversation starter (tongues won’t wag because it’s blingy, but because it dropped to earth from space). It gives any dad a “cool” factor.

Buy Now: $795

Randolph Engineering Concorde Sunglasses

Randolph Engineering Best Made Sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with aviator style sunglasses. They are timeless, ageless and look good on everyone. These Best Made sunglasses are a great option for dad: They are made in 23-Karat gold, have polarized lenses and are scratch-resistant.

Buy Now: $298

Aesop Complete Shaving Care

Aesop Complete Shave Care Set

You needn’t equate a luxurious gift with an exorbitant price tag—it can be anything that makes the giftee feel special and cared for. In fact, it can be as simple as a fresh shave. Aesop’s complete shaving kit features a hand-polished double-edge razor and a soft yet robust shaving brush. Aesop’s signature scents—think sandalwood and neroli blossom—are present in the accompanying shaving serum and lotion. All of which means this is a gift he’ll truly use every day.

Buy Now: $276

Common Projects Achilles Sneakers

You can never enough sneakers in your wardrobe. Make sure your guy has the hottest model for Father’s Day: a simple, clean white low-top. We have the best option from Common Projects. The challenge will be keeping them clean.

Buy Now: $410

Todd Reed Link Bracelet

Some Father’s Day gifts are utilitarian and practical, and others, like this Todd Reed bracelet, deliver something lasting and more emotional. The hand-forged silver link bracelet has a rich, burnt patina that suggests a worn, rugged image, and is appointed with a single rough diamond cube. It’s the kind of signature piece a guy can live-in, and it will quickly become his talisman.

Buy Now: $3,975

Wolves Whiskey First Run

Wolves Whiskey First Run

Wolves Whiskey

If your dad is a beer guy and a bourbon guy, this new whiskey is for him, no need for a chaser. Wolves Whiskey is a brand new label, made in Northern California by sneaker design team Jon Buscemi and James Bond. They’ve made a very limited batch—just 898 bottles—that is already headed for the secondary market. It’s a blend of spirits distilled from stout (which was then aged in French oak for eight years), pilsner (aged in New American oak for five years) and rye. The nose has a delightful hint of Guinness, but the first sip has the burn and spice of a good rye, with a beery finish. This is one of the most interesting new whiskies we’ve tried.

Learn More: Here

Hawthorne Men’s Tailored Bathroom

Not only is the packaging modern and masculine, but the products smell clean and refreshing, and can be personally tailored to dad’s preferences through an online quiz. We love the little invigorating kick you get from the peppermint body wash and the eucalyptus in the deodorant that suited us. The creators also make a bar soap for traditionalists, as well as two new colognes. Hawthorne pays attention to the details of creation, making things as natural as possible and free of nasty chemicals.

Learn More: Here

Green Apple Bongó Bar Cabinet

Your top shelf bar deserves a top shelf residence—and this round, black marble bar cabinet does just that. Push back its sliding doors, and you’ll find a polished Patagonia Granite backing, bottle holders and drawers, all bathed in a soft LED glow. The latest from Portuguese luxury furniture brand Green Apple, it’s perfect for the dad who wants his martini shaken, not stirred—and served up in style.

Learn More: Here

Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro No.1 Cigar

This is a repeat performance for Tatuaje, as part of a multi-cigar celebration of the brand’s 15th anniversary in 2018. The cigar was first brought out some years ago and then inexplicably discontinued. However, in its reincarnation, it is being made by Pepín Garcia in his My Father Cigars factory in Estelí (Garcia also helped craft the original Nuevitas Jibaro) and all the remembered spiciness of this well-constructed 5 x 54 Nicaraguan puro are brought back. With a smooth and oily Corojo 99 wrapper that purposely falls just short of covering the complete filler (which results in a shag foot that, combined with some ligero in the blend, adds a bit of a kick to the first few puffs), this is a carefully crafted late night smoke brimming with cocoa, a hint of orange zest (perhaps a subliminal effect from the predominantly orange band), white pepper, and mustard seed. It is both refined and slightly rustic, which is what Pete Johnson, the brand’s owner, was going for when he named it Nuevitas, a rural city about 400 miles from Havana, and Jibaro, which loosely translated, refers to someone who works in the fields.

Buy Now: $405 (Box of 50)

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