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Got Quarantine Blues? Here Are 10 Luxurious Things You Can Do at Home (Without a Screen)

Step away from the laptop.

Jaguar E-Type Model Courtesy of DeAgostini ModelSpace

As the lockdown continues, more and more of us have started experiencing screen fatigue. Sure, those online courses, virtual tours and animal livestreams have been a blast, but even the most seasoned surfers need to take a break from the web to avoid the blue-light blues. Whether you’re feeling mentally drained from yet another dissonant Zoom call or have strained eyes from cramming in that late-night work, it can be truly revelatory to unplug.

Of course, once you turn off one screen, it can be tempting to turn on another. We’re looking at you, TV. To help you escape the pixel prison, we’ve pulled together 10 luxuriating experiences that you can have in your own home to quiet your mind and restore your soul. Best of all, not a single activity involves a screen. You’re welcome.

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