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Health & Grooming: Time’s on Your Side

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Even if 50 is the new 30, our skin and bodies can be slow to catch on. Doctors at the Miami Institute for Age Management and Intervention, a surgical center and medical spa, promise to erase some of the ravages of time and help you feel better as you grow older. Their services range from cosmetic surgery and hormone replacement therapies to skin treatments and cosmetic dentistry to nutritional and psychological counseling.

“Some people come here simply wanting a face-lift, but most want information and guidance on how to manage aging,” explains medical director Dr. Julio Gallo, who, with president and CEO Stephen Watson, established the facility in Miami’s Four Seasons Hotel and Tower two years ago. “We would rather partner with a patient, follow them along, and maximize their potential on every level of the aging process so we can add life to their years.”

Gallo, who is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and his team of specialists—which includes plastic surgeons, internists, cosmetic dentists, aestheticians, a psychologist, an occupational therapist, and a nutritionist—will tailor a program for you and adjust it throughout your life.

After the initial consultation to assess your health history, lifestyle, concerns, and goals, your skin is analyzed using a Visia machine. The instrument evaluates wrinkles, spots, pores, skin tone variations, bacteria in the pores, and UV spots, and then compares your skin to that of people of the same age, gender, and skin type. With the results, the staff can determine treatments and customize the institute’s proprietary MIx skin care products to target trouble spots.


In addition to the Visia machine, the facility is equipped with two full-size, state-of-the-art operating rooms, the latest lasers and light-therapy systems, and a computerized milling machine that can produce a dental crown or implant in about an hour.

“It’s very high-tech and modern, but the minute you meet the people, you are reassured by how warm and genuinely caring they are,” says one self-described “young 50-year-old” from the Miami area. After her face-lift, she recovered overnight in a suite at the Four Seasons, one particularly enticing benefit of the institute’s location. A post-op patient can be wheeled directly from the operating room into a back elevator that leads to a suite with 24-hour nursing care. “I wouldn’t do it any other way,” says the patient. “The convenience of the Four Seasons is wonderful. You can go up, rest overnight, come back down, have your bandages changed, and no one sees you.”


For those seeking comprehensive changes, the institute offers Encore, a yearlong program that incorporates the facility’s full range of services. Gallo first flies to your home for a consultation that will determine your treatment program. Then, at your convenience, you fly by private jet to Miami for the 21-day initial treatment phase. During this time, you stay in a suite at the Four Seasons while you undergo the prescribed procedures and therapies, which can range from cosmetic surgery to health and wellness counseling. Encore’s $250,000 price includes unlimited procedures and treatments as well as follow-up visits for a year, during which you can have laser or injection services. Encore clients also receive quarterly wellness testing and hormone balancing, and a year’s supply of MIx nutritional supplements and skin care products.

“As people become more aware of the possibilities of what can be done, they want someone to give answers about what is best,” explains Dr. Robert Simons, the Miami Institute’s medical board chairman and a renowned specialist in facial plastic surgery. “We have the ability to provide those answers in a comprehensive way. It’s not necessarily a matter of one operation, it’s more of a collaboration between different providers with different backgrounds. Age management is not a hammer looking for a nail, but a broader response to help you look and feel better.”

The Miami Institute for Age Management and Intervention, 305.624.0009, www.miami-institute.com

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