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Tips from Legendary Hollywood Skin Doctor on How to Stay Radiant This Winter

We ask Dr. David Colbert how to keep our glow this season.

Dr. David Colbert Photo: Courtesy

For years, actors, models, and celebrities of all stripes have entrusted their camera-ready complexions to Dr. David Colbert. The bicoastal dermatologist has been on call during countless red carpets and catwalks, where his illuminating Colbert MD Runway Facial and legendary multifaceted Triad Facial (which includes microdermabrasion, laser toning, and a chemical peel) are continually being adapted to deliver picture-perfect results. Colbert’s 11-product skin-care line is another Hollywood must-have; its items utilize powerful natural ingredients—like gingko biloba for antioxidant benefits and sun-damage-reversing Tibetan goji berry—to support stage-ready skin.

With a new, slightly chillier season upon us, we stopped by Dr. Colbert’s Beverly Hills office to talk wintertime must-haves, emergency skin savers, what fads are fading out, and more. 

ColbertMD Intensify Facial Discs

ColbertMD Intensify Facial Discs  Photo: Courtesy ColbertMD

For men, what are the top skin-care concerns that you see in New York versus L.A.?

I think L.A. men are much more into skin care than New York men. Plus, L.A. men need to worry more about sun damage because they’re in the sun all the time. The lifestyle in L.A. is so sporty that it’s part of every day, whereas in New York it’s just a weekend thing. New Yorkers are like weekend skin warriors, and L.A. has a daily toil of “How will I protect my skin, or will I even bother?”

 What is the most important thing to modify about your skin-care routine when a new season begins?

Going from summer to fall, the most important thing is to step up moisturizer so you don’t get all dry and craggy-looking. So maybe add an oil to a skin cream or just use a face oil.

ColbertMD illumino Face Oil

ColbertMD illumino Face Oil  Photo: Courtesy ColbertMD

What do you think every man should have in his skin-care repertoire this fall?

A really simple one-two-three regimen. I recommend my cleaning disks ($70 to $80), followed by a little anti-aging serum and then a moisturizer on top. So every morning it’s one, two, three and then nothing at night. [A nighttime ritual] is way too much to ask for most men.

 What skin-care fad is on its way out?

I think the use of fillers or fat transfers in the under-eye area—commonly known as “apple cheeks”—to build bone prominence is out. Patients specifically come in asking not to receive this kind of procedure in the under-eye area.

 What skin-care treatment are you most excited about right now?

Ultherapy, which is sound waves. There’s no downtime, no surgery—it’s a lunch-time procedure. And, over the course of three months, it tightens your face. You can take somebody who’s sort of early- to mid-forties starting to get jowly, and it can tighten the face, take a decade off, and make the jawline look stronger. Plus, that’s the number-one thing that men come in looking to improve—their jawline.

ColbertMD Stimulate Serum

ColbertMD Stimulate Serum  Photo: Courtesy ColbertMD

Really? What’s the number two concern?

Frown lines [on the forehead], where the frown just gets too deep and too angry.

Travel and busy work weeks often mean stressed-out skin. What are some of your tips for staving off that tired look?

Maintaining a clean diet. Stick to foods such as kale, almonds, white fish, Greek yogurt, olive oil. It’s a quick way to slim down and get a glow from the inside. Avoid alcohol, and start and end every day with a glass of water to stay fresh and flush out toxins. For skin care, try my ColbertMD Intensify Discs ($70) in the evening, the Tone Control Discs ($80) in the morning, followed by Stimulate Serum ($170) and Illumino Face Oil ($150).

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