A Juiced-Up Cup

Vessyl, a new glass-like smart cup designed by San Francisco–based company Mark One and entrepreneur Justin Lee, will identify and track the consumption of the caffeine, sugar, protein, and calories in any liquid poured into the 13-ounce holder through a corresponding iOS or Android smartphone app. Designed as a way to optimize individual hydration, the Vessyl ($99 preorder, $199 retail) collects the molecular data of a beverage—anything from bottled teas, sodas, and alcohol to homemade juices and smoothies—via sensors throughout the cup’s interior.

While some of this information is displayed on a screen embedded on the cup itself, more is relayed on the app, where glowing orbs grow larger as the ingested amounts of each nutrient increase. When gender, height, weight, and weight goals are input, the app will indicate how much of each beverage measured in the Vessyl will fulfill (or exceed) a user’s daily goal.

Not only smart but smart-looking, the Vessyl comes with a spill-proof lid and is powered by a rechargeable battery. The first designs will be delivered early next year. myvessyl.com

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