Maintain Your Fitness Even While at Sea

Worldwide Wellness offers yoga classes, massages, and other fitness services aboard yacht charters…

Few experiences match the tranquility of cruising the tropics’ cerulean blue waters aboard a private yacht, but Worldwide Wellness is out to better the experience—and just in time for Caribbean charter season. Founded this year by yogi and nutrition expert Nichole Knapp, Worldwide Wellness offers an assortment of single-day wellness and fitness services in port at St. Barts and St. Martin, as well as multiweek onboard services for charters in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and beyond. The menu of options includes yoga and Pranassage (a combination of yoga and bodywork) classes, acupuncture, massages, Reiki (a Japanese stress reduction technique), and meditation. Each activity is helmed by certified therapists and instructors who have experience working aboard private and charter yachts, guaranteeing a seamless and serene experience. When requesting services at sea, clients must book an instructor for a three-day minimum trip, with a maximum of 5 hours of services or classes per day. Prices and a full list of services are available upon request. (