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Mayo Clinic’s New One-on-One Health Coaching

The Mayo Clinic launches the Health Living Plan to foster healthy lifestyle changes...

New behaviors can take up to 254 days—or about eight and a half months—to become habit. For making fitness and exercise routine, personal training has become the gold standard. The one-on-one coaching removes an element of difficulty—a knowledgeable trainer explains what to do next, and how to do it—and the results keep motivation high.

That same one-on-one model is now being applied to overall health and wellness. This spring, the Mayo Clinic will launch its new Healthy Living Plan, which creates individualized, comprehensive regimens designed to ensure long-term client success. “Sustainability is the most important aspect of making healthy lifestyle changes but is also the most challenging,” says Donald Hensrud, MD, the program’s medical director. Before a four-day session on the clinic’s campus in Rochester, Minn., each participant receives access to a web portal and a designated wellness coach who will provide guidance throughout the process. On campus, participants submit to a series of physical assessments to determine body composition, aerobic fitness, strength, and balance. They also receive personal coaching and take expert-led courses to aid in sustainable behavioral change. The Healthy Living Plan will take reservations beginning May 5, 2014. $4,500 for four days. healthyliving.mayoclinic.org