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11 Luxurious Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom Who Has Everything

From jewelry to fragrance to baked bread, we've assembled some of the most luxurious Mother's Day gifts you can find.

Trying to find a Mother's Day gift for a mom who has everything? Look no further. Brent Neale, Chanel, Net-a-Porter

If you had to rank the demographics of people who deserve a little luxury the most, hardworking mothers would undoubtedly top the list. But if you have to find for a Mother’s Day gift for a mom who’s hard to shop for, standard-issue goods from the higher end won’t do. Which is why the editors of Robb Report have assembled 11 gifts that will stun even the most discerning mothers, grandmothers, favorite aunts, childhood caretakers—or whomever you might happen to be sending a token of maternal appreciation on May 12.

Timeless Beauty Facial at La Prairie at The Ritz Carlton Spa

Timeless Beauty facial at La Prarie at The Ritz Carlton Spa

La Prairie/Ritz Carlton

There are facials and then there’s La Praire’s caviar firming facial. This 90-minute dose of pure indulgence includes massage, steam, a deep cleanse with fruit enzyme, extraction and toning, and then the good stuff: liberal and numerous applications of La Praire’s famed Skin Caviar cream. The brand has been using the delicacy as a beauty treatment for 30 years, and lying there coated in cream under the excellent attentions of a therapist was as relaxing as anything our reviewer has experienced in a long time. Mom will emerge serene and calm. She’s earned every second of it.

Buy Now: $550


La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Life Lotion

La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Life Lotion

La Prairie

If for some reason spending time at one of New York’s premier spas isn’t in the cards, perhaps a hardworking serum from the brand that makes that spa possible is in order. Cellular Life lotion La Prairie’s latest addition to its Platinum Rare premium line and worth every cent. It uses actual platinum to help the skin regenerate at a cellular level, and took years of research of development to bring to market. Serious science backs this light, luscious fluid.

Buy Now: $655


Prada Giardiniera Striped Canvas-Trimmed Wicker Tote

Prada Giardiniera Striped Canvas-Trimmed Wicker Tote


The season’s must-have bag is a stylish wicker handbag, and we found the perfect model for mom: Prada’s Giardiniera wicker tote is structured enough to wear with tailored clothes, and its striped canvas trim makes it a perfect accessory with summer dresses and sporty weekend wear.

Buy Now: $1,420


Hermès Un Jardin Sur La Lagune Eau de Toilette

Hermes Un Jardin Sur La Lagune


In the hands of a master perfumer like Christine Nagel of Hermès, the trope of a garden-inspired floral perfume feels (and smells) quite interesting. That’s because this fragrance, the newest addition to the French house’s Jardin line, balances notes of magnolia and lily with woody scents.

Buy Now: $139


Irene Neuwirth Mixed-Gemstone Necklace

Irene Neuwirth Mixed-Gemstone Necklace


Designer Irene Neuwirth is known for hunting down unusual gemstones, like the exceptional pear-shape tanzanite gems in this necklace, which she combined with especially rare Lightning Ridge opals and set in 18-karat rose gold. This one-of-a-kind design delivers rare stones without the formality that often comes with precious jewelry—and it’s something mom can wear every day, not just on special occasions.

Buy Now: $73,540


Manresa Bread Chocolate Babka

Manresa Bread Chocolate Babka

Manresa Bread Chocolate Babka

We’re living in a golden age of baked goods here in America. Across the country, dedicated bakers are rediscovering old methods of milling, leavening and baking to create exceptional bread and pastries. Avery Ruzicka, the force behind Manresa Bread, is one of those people. The concept started inside the Bay Area’s three-Michelin-star Manresa, and has grown to all-day cafes and an online store that delivers to the Lower 48. It’s hard to go wrong with anything you select from impossibly light panettone to the whole wheat loaf. But we especially love the airy chocolate babka that has a tangy sour note that gives it a really unique depth of flavor. Mom will love it, too.

Buy Now: $45+


Chanel J12 Watch

Chanel J12 Watch


Few fashion watches have made it into the canon of respectable timepieces, but Chanel’s J12 is an exception. The sporty timepiece can be worn from dawn to dusk and for any occasion. The latest version comes equipped with serious credibility: Chanel’s first in-house movement, visible through a sapphire crystal caseback.

Buy Now: $5,700


Mociun Sign Language Letter Charm

Mociun Sign Language Charm


These thoughtful charms from Mociun are inspired by the beauty of sign language. You choose from specific letters (e.g. your mother’s first initial) or a phrase, like “I Love You,” seen above. The gold charms are designed and hand sculpted in New York, and 10 percent of the profits from each charm will be donated to the Lexington School for the Deaf. It’s a gift that feels as good as it looks.

Buy Now: $725


Brent Neale Rainbow & Raindrop Cascade Earrings

Brent Neale Rainbow and Raindrop Earrings

Brent Neale

These colorful, statement-making earrings will make anyone smile: They feature a rainbow of pink tourmaline, citrine, peridot and amethyst set in 18-karat gold with blue topaz stones dripping like raindrops. It’s the latest addition to the New York-based designer’s playful collection of jewelry—largely inspired by her fascination with nature and love of color.

Buy Now: $$10,825


Royal Mansour Marrakech Babouche Slippers

Christian Louboutin Royal Mansour Spa Slippers

Royal Mansour

It seems fitting that one of the foremost spas in the world would ask one of the best shoemakers on the planet to make its slippers. For the Royal Mansour Spa in Marrakech, Christian Louboutin designed two pairs of babouche-style shoes as elegant as the palatial retreat the houses the spa. They’re limited editions that are only available for purchase at the spa, so think of the slippers as a stylish souvenir. The real gift here is the trip to Morocco retrieving a pair requires.

Learn More Here


Sylva & Cie Ruby and 18-karat Gold Heart Bracelet

Sylva & Cie 18 Karat Gold and Ruby Bracelet


This hand-forged ruby heart bracelet is anything but classic. It’s on a chunky gold chain-link bracelet that is long enough to wrap around the wrist twice, and it’s got rocker appeal. From the hip LA-based jeweler Sylva Yepremian of Sylva & Cie, who is known for her bold and symbolic jewelry, it looks just as chic with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with a dress. It’s versatile yet precious, and a modern-day keepsake.

Buy Now: $17,750


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