The Next-Generation of Wearable Technology

Track all kinds of activity—from running to dish washing…

The latest fitness tracker to wrap the wrist is also the first to measure body composition. The new InBody Band ($180) calculates the wearer’s lean muscle and fat mass, metrics that may be more accurate for assessing health and caloric burn than weight or BMI (although it includes that as well). These metrics help wearers go beyond logging 10,000 steps per day and show the positive changes that take place as a result. The band also tracks sleep, calories burned, heart rate, and the number of minutes spent active each day. Its sophisticated companion app includes goal setting, calories burned at rest, and graphs of daily, weekly, and monthly activity. Most welcome is the ability to delete some activity (the band might read two inactive hours of movie watching as sleep) and easily add others. A helpful list of activities—from curling to snorkeling—is included. »inbodyusa.com

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