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Robb Recommends: This New Skincare Line Was Founded on a Nobel-Winning Chemist’s Research

The first-to-market system promises pharmaceutical-grade purity.

Noble Panacea’s New Brilliant Collection Courtesy of Noble Panacea
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When shopping for skincare it’s easy to get hooked by overzealous hyperbole—“age-defying” this, “rapid hydrating” that—and miss out on the truly pioneering products. But Noble Panacea didn’t bother messing about with sexy synonyms for its new collection—which received the refreshingly simple title of Brilliant—and that’s because the groundbreaking science within the range speaks for itself.

Founded on the comprehensive research of Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart, the skincare line is the culmination of his lifework in molecular motion. Known as an Organic Molecular Vessel (OMV) Technology, this first-to-market system promises pharmaceutical-grade purity for superior protection, penetration and programmed time-release of potent active ingredients. That’s a fancy way of saying the creams are absorbed by your skin at the best possible time for better results.

Tempted by the prospect of improving my complexion on a molecular level, I took the Brilliant collection for a spin. I’ve been suffering from a little winter dryness and dullness, both of which the range promises to address. I’m typically a one-face-cream-plus-sunscreen kinda gal, so at first, four separate products seemed a little daunting. But within a week, I’d quickly adapted to my new skincare regimen. In fact, I reveled in this little slither of self-care.

Noble Panacea’s New Brilliant Collection

The Vibrant Eye Infusion  Courtesy of Noble Panacea

In the morning, I began with the Prime Radiance Serum ($253) before applying the Vibrant Eye Infusion ($149) and the Radiance Resilience Moisturizer ($215). Then, in the evening, I treated my face to the Overnight Recharge Cream ($232). The application was a cinch. Each product comes in neat individual packaging—don’t worry, there’s a nifty recycling envelope included—so you always get the perfect amount of product each time. The cream didn’t make my face feel oily or heavy like hydrating creams sometimes can. Moreover, the lack of perfume, additives and irritants make the creams super soothing and suitable for almost any skin type.

After just a couple of days, I noticed my skin was extremely hydrated—it felt like I was doing a sheet mask each day—and it looked much more supple, radiant and dewy. All four products will set you back $849, which is not exactly cheap, but that’s the price of top-notch science.

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