Personalized, In-Home Pharmaceutical Services

The program includes in-home visits, next-day prescriptions, nutrition consultations, and more…

With the launch of a membership-based platform, Cedra Pharmacy aims to take health management to a new level of service. The program caters to people who have complicated health challenges, such as diabetes or Alzheimer’s, and take many medications. Cedra offers medication reviews, in-home visits, online refills, next-day delivery of prescriptions, and 24-hour emergency support, but it also takes steps beyond pharmaceutical management into more general wellness. Membership packages ($3,000 to $6,500 per month) include blood glucose monitoring for diabetics, one to two massages per month, in-home or in-store nutrition consultations, weekly personal training sessions, and more. Based in New York City, the pharmacy plans to expand its service nationally with a Dallas boutique opening in February. The service is available even when one is far from home. »cedrapharmacy.com  

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