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A New Approach to Recovering from Workouts Faster

Revere delivers personalized fitness nutrition to your doorstep in the form of scientifically formulated nutrition drinks.

Revere Welcome Kit Photo: Courtesy Revere

The best way to optimize a workout has long been debated, with copious research aimed at deciphering when to replenish the body pre- and post-workout. The result: We’ve been subjected to countless “miracle” smoothie powders, neon-colored gels, and sports drinks—not to mention diabolical concoctions born of gym legend.

But after watching clients undo their workouts with sugar-packed potions from the gym’s juice bar, Alexandra Blodgett—cofounder of Cyc Fitness and a pioneer in bringing fitness to festivals, nightclubs, and museums—wanted to launch a movement in fitness nutrition. Marathon training buddies and experienced entrepreneurs Jasper Nathaniel and Matthew Scott joined her in this quest, which led them directly to Mike Barwis, star of Discovery Channel’s American Muscle and fitness advisor to the N.Y. Mets, Olympians, and thousands of pro athletes. Together, this brawny brain trust created Revere, the first direct-to-consumer health startup to make personally tailored nutrition solutions.

Receiving $3.3 million in seed funding, the team worked with nutritional scientists to develop powdered drinks strictly derived from plant-based whole foods and a handful of vitamins and minerals. Countless hours in the lab and taste tests resulted in three distinct formulas aiming to triple energy levels going into a workout and enhance recovery two- to threefold. The powders come in the form of three different premeasured packets: Pre-Workout Energy in a peach tea flavor, Post-Workout Cardio in vanilla chai, and Post-Workout Strength in dark chocolate. The packets can be mixed with water in the glass Revere bottle or added to a smoothie.

Revere Bottle and Drink Packets

Revere Bottle and Drink Packets  Photo: Courtesy Revere

While the flavors sound like something found on a dessert menu, the list of ingredients reads more like a produce shopping list: sweet potato to boost energy and stamina, pomegranate and beetroot for endurance and anti-inflammation, and pea and rice protein and tart cherry to combat muscle soreness. To determine the dosage and formula strength delivered to your doorstep monthly, Revere uses a proprietary algorithm, which calculates nutritional needs based on age, weight, gender, and weekly workout regimes.

“It was tough not to succumb to the pressure of adding in artificial sweeteners or synthetics to make the powder sift more easily, because we would have completed our formulas much sooner,” says Blodgett. But then again, that extra work and sweat equity are part of the group’s ethos.

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