Robb Recommends: The New Overnight Mask From Aesop Revives Tired, Stressed-Out Skin

With a nutrient list that looks like the ingredients for a multivitamin capsule, Aesop's Sublime Night Mask lives up to its name.

Aesop Sublime Replenishing Night Masque Aesop

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Masks generally fall into two categories: sheet masks, which are packed with serum for deep nourishment and look like a flimsier version of something Jason Voorhees might wear on a night out. There are also clay masks, or mud masks, which vacuum your pores as they go from wet to dry. Both are good for you (and your Instagram stories), and both can be rotated into your regimen once a week as a “treatment” of sorts.

But they’re also not the only masks available. There’s also the “leave-on mask”, a fancy term for a deeply hydrating, dense cream that’s best worn overnight. It’s a night cream, more or less, but it can be called a mask because it’s too heavy to wear during the day, and also because it works as aggressively as the other two types—just over a longer period of time.

Aesop Sublime Replenishing Night Masque


That’s squarely where Aesop’s new overnight gel-cream mask fits. It’s called “Sublime Replenishing Night Masque,” and I’ve found that it lives up to its name. While Aesop already has a handful of exquisite moisturizers and creams (some that also work well as nighttime hydrators), this one is different. It’s an SOS for your skin, whether you’re fatigued from too much travel, fresh off the cold and bone-dry slopes, naturally prone to dryness and patchy skin or simply dehydrated.

It’s vitamin-rich— it features B3, B5, C, E and F, to be exact. Together those ingredients brighten the skin, even out complexion, retain moisture and deeply hydrate the cells. I tested this out after a four-month patch of travel, dozens and dozens of flights, my body exhausted and my face showing it. You can feel it hug your skin as it seeps in, but it’s just light enough that it still feels good. It’s a proactive kind of tingle. While it’s not a product you need to use daily (unless you’re routinely prone to these conditions), I tested it for four nights straight, each time waking with glowing, smooth skin—no dullness, puffiness or exhaustion anywhere. (Might I add you should pair it with a good night’s rest in order to magnify the benefits.)

I even splurged and used it on my hands one night, since they were chapped from overwashing. The next morning, after one night, they were buttery smooth. While I won’t be using it as a hand cream regularly, this did confirm the product’s sublime efficacy.

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