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Robb Recommends: The Winter Hand Cream That Smells So Good You Won’t Need a Fragrance

Byredo's Suede hand cream is one of the best we've used in the winter. It has a beautiful smell and keeps your hands moisturized for hours.

Byredo Suede Hand Cream Byredo
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It can be hard to watch the skin on your hands go from summertime soft to dry and flaky in the winter—especially if you take a lot of precautions (like wearing gloves, moisturizing and hiring professional caterers) to prevent just that from happening. When the air is dry indoors and out, no one’s cuticles are safe.

The legion of greasy and ineffective winter moisturizers on the market don’t really help. But last winter I started using Byredo’s Suede hand lotion—a rich and lovely smelling cream that manages to strike the right balance between rich and light. I have such a strong memory of both its efficacy and its scent that I’ve started using it again in the past week.

What makes it so special? The first thing you notice when you unscrew its cap is its smell. It’s woody without bashing you over the head with cedar or sandalwood. In fact, its olfactory alchemy is achieved with a blend of bergamot, musk and amber. More than once, I’ve put it on only to have people ask what fragrance it is. Sadly, it’s not something Byredo sells in a spray bottle—but it’s something I wish they’d consider. (They do offer it in other formulations—including a hand soap, bar soap, a hand scrub and a rinseless hand wash—which comes as a small consolation.)

Then there’s how long it lasts. A little goes a long way with this stuff, thanks to its use of shea butter. Both the scent and the moisture linger after washing your hands, which means you really only need to apply it a few times a day when it’s cold out. All of which makes it a great stocking stuffer—or a great gift to give yourself.

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