Robb Recommends: This All-in-One Skincare Kit Is Made for Guys Who Travel a Lot

Don't leave home without travel-sized versions of Dr. Barbara Sturm's hardworking products.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Men's Discovery Kit Dr. Barbara Sturm

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Even the best-prepared and well-resourced travelers can arrive at their destinations only to find they’ve left a vital part of their grooming routine behind at home. It’s why airports and drug stores offer up those tiny versions of tonsorial essentials. But if you’re the kind of guy who just can’t do with a stopgap moisturizer or facial cleanser, you should arm yourself with Dr. Barbara Sturm’s comprehensive Men’s Discovery Kit.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Men's Discovery Kit

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Designed as a gift set to help guys get to know the German dermatologist’s hardworking products, the kit is equally handy for men who travel a lot. It comes complete with TSA-friendly sizes of Sturm’s gentle foaming facial cleanser, a scrub that’s great to use before you shave, a calming serum, an anti-aging serum, an undereye cream and a little bottle of the all-around face cream that’s earned the devotion of well-groomed guys across the planet. (I use it at night when I’m not testing other products, and it’s one of the most important parts of my personal skincare arsenal.)

Dr. Sturm’s acclaim comes from her singular devotion to treating the skin on a molecular level (it’s why every bottle and tube of her products are stamped with the term “molecular cosmetics”—and why they all seem to work so well). So even if you only use the kit during your holiday travels, we wouldn’t be surprised if your skin starts looking better before the end of the year.

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