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San Francisco Chef from Renowned Culinary Family Launches Lifestyle Brand

SAN FRANCISCO (May 28, 2015) – Kathy Fang, chef and co-owner of San Francisco’s famed FANG Restaurant and an admired local personality, has announced the launch of her lifestyle brand via her new website and daily blog, KathyFang.com

With an impressive culinary background and unique personal charm, Kathy is a respected San Francisco chef with proven abilities in and out of her restaurant.  In addition to her Chinese dishes – both traditional and modern – at Fang Restaurant, Kathy has integrated flavors and cooking styles from other cultures and cuisines, with a particular focus on healthy creations that home cooks can access via her website and blog.  Kathy is also influential in the areas of fitness, style, and travel.  Her new website, KathyFang.com, will be a lifestyle guide to elevate a visitor’s daily life, offering expert tips on healthy recipes, workout routines, fashion ideas, at-home entertaining, travel experiences, and much more.

“I am thrilled to connect with my followers, fans, and new readers through my new interactive website and blog,” said Kathy.  “Growing up in San Francisco within the culinary environment that my parents established with House of Nanking, I had the privilege of experiencing world-class cooking, travel, and the beauty of city life at a young age.  I feel strongly that life is about finding your passions, working hard, giving back, and appreciating simple pleasures.  KathyFang.com visitors will get my personal take on how to maintain balance while juggling a busy schedule – something I believe most women are trying to achieve today.”

With her eclectic and cutting-edge culinary perspective, plus her dedication to healthy living and sense of style, Kathy’s creative content is likely to impact the lives of female professionals around the world.  From sharing personal challenges to her latest make-up finds, Kathy’s insights resonate closely with everyday women, further exemplifying that she is a creative force, tastemaker, and lifestyle visionary.

To learn more about Kathy Fang, please visit the new lifestyle website, www.KathyFang.com, follow on Facebook (facebook.com/chefkatfang), Twitter (@myfangalicious), and Instagram (@myfangalicious).

About Chef Kathy Fang & Fang Restaurant:

Growing up in the kitchen of House of Nanking, a beloved San Francisco neighborhood restaurant, Kathy Fang discovered her own passion for cooking.  She began blending her family’s Cantonese heritage and cooking style with her own inspiration that grew from her perspective as a native San Franciscan, her global travels, and her formal training at the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School.  Fang Restaurant is a spin-off of House of Nanking, the legendary dining spot that her father Peter Fang opened in 1988, launching the Fang family legacy.  In partnership with her dad, Chef Kathy Fang combines her culinary talents, entertaining expertise, and keen business sense at Fang Restaurant, offering a modern twist to Cantonese fare and an exceptional dining experience.

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