This Sleek, Next-Gen Machine Is the Keurig of Juicers

Quick, cold-pressed, and clean—Juicero brings the juice bar home…

The healthiest Silicon Valley launch of 2016 is a new countertop home juicer that is as fast and easy to run as a coffee maker, with juices as delicious as those of your local juice bar. Matching the ease of Keurig coffee pods and the quality of Nespresso, the Juicero ($700) makes cold-pressed, organic juices from refrigerated individual juice packs containing chopped and triple-washed fruit and vegetable blends with zero preservatives. The packs ($5 to $7 apiece) are shipped overnight in insulated boxes to your doorstep and can be ordered via Juicero’s app or website in bundles of five. The system, which requires no cleanup, is currently available throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada, and will be rolled out nationally in 2017.

Upon delivery, the Juicero machine requires manual syncing to a smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection so it can scan packs to ensure freshness before each juicing. Through the app, users can also view inventory and learn about pack contents and sourcing. To juice, place one bag into the machine, press the LED button, and wait three minutes as 8 ounces of super-fresh juice makes its way from pack to glass. Flavors range from sweet or spicy greens for the densest nutrient hits to a range of beet and carrot-based blends. (juicero.com)

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