This Smart Scale from Qardio Goes Beyond Measuring Weight

The latest health-monitoring tool from Qardio looks as good as it works…

The San Francisco–based firm Qardio has made a practice of creating best-in-class health monitors that are beautifully designed, and their latest offering is no different. The QardioBase ($150) is an attractive digital scale for modern measurements—not only does it capture weight, it also calculates BMI, lean muscle mass, and body-fat percentage, which are more significant numbers than weight for improving health. The scale greets each user by name with a smiley face and then displays the stats and stores the data in its companion smartphone app, where history can be tracked, goals set, and reminders scheduled. The smart device integrates with Apple Health (as well as with other Qardio products) and can be enabled to send notifications to a physician or family member. (getqardio.com)

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