The Solution to a Sedentary Office Existence

Stir’s Kinetic F1 desk allows you to switch between sitting and standing via a touchscreen pad…

To counter the detriments of a sedentary office existence, Stir has created its Kinetic desks, which encourage the shift between sitting and standing. The sleek F1 model ($4,990) comes in a white or black finish with actuating steel legs. A touchscreen pad allows the user to program height preferences for standing and sitting. Through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, the desk will communicate with Fitbit activity trackers and record the calories burned while standing. The desk will also remind the user to sit or stand after a designated period of time with a gentle up-and-down movement called a “whisperbreath.” Sensors on the desk’s underside detect usage, so over time it learns the user’s behavior and will adjust the settings accordingly. »stirworks.com

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