Bring a Famous Facialist’s Secret Weapon Home

Sonya Dakar’s SuperLift serum is like a soothing eye lift in a bottle.

Sonya Dakar serum in bottles Photo: Courtesy Sonya Dakar

We love summer—but not the fine lines those sun-soaked beach days leave in their wake. Sonya Dakar’s new SuperLift eye serum ($110) helps counteract your time in the sun. Its collagen-boosting formula aims to replenish tired skin around the eyes, improving radiance and diminishing lines. The serum is made with Dakar’s Copper Complex, a proprietary combo stocked with energy-restoring edelweiss plant cells; tamarind, which helps to create a barrier between the skin and the environment; and maca root, to enhance the skin’s youthful firmness.

Dakar, a clinical esthetician, began treating patients out of a converted guest house in 1984. As her following grew, she launched a product line and later opened the legendary Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills. The facility’s devoted clientele includes many in the entertainment industry, from actors to executives. Presently, Dakar applies the SuperLift serum in her clinic at the end of every facial for a final dose of luminosity.

Sonya Dakar facial serum ingredients

Photo: Courtesy Sonya Dakar

Here’s a tip from Dakar: Tap on the serum (morning or night) as if you were wearing large sunglasses—start at the inner corner of the eye, work your way below the eye to the top of the cheekbone, continue out to the hairline and around and above the brow, and then apply directly to the upper eyelid.



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