Viceroy Zihuatanejo’s ‘New Year, New You’ Wellness Program Makes Resolutions Come True

So many of us make New Year’s resolutions to improve our looks and health, but have a difficult time making it a reality. With the “New Year, New You” program directed by “America’s Wellness Doctor” the first week in January at Viceroy Zihuatanejo, you can truly and immediately launch that resolution at the start of the new year.

Wellness pioneer Edward A. Taub, M.D., author of eight books on the subject and a veteran speaker at wellness symposiums, will be at Viceroy Zihuantanejo Jan. 5-11, 2015 to conduct his Week to Wellness program.

“We have themed the program at Viceroy Zihuatanejo  ‘New Year, New You’ because we are going to help guests launch 2015 as a breakthrough year for a life on the path of wellness,” said Dr. Taub.  In his presentations and lectures at the resort, he will reveal and discuss how you can create a wellness lifestyle, highlighting everything from hotels which leave people happier and how to relieve stress to the benefits of spa treatments, good nutrition, yoga and meditation.

Dr. Taub is also the Wellness Travel Writer for Coast Magazine, where he is building the magazine’s list of exclusive resorts that are “Crown Jewels of Wellness.”  Chic Viceroy Zihuatanejo – with its spectacular beach, extensive array of activities, yoga classes, vegan and vegetarian menus, and much more – will be the newest entry on the list.

For more information, call 866-905-9560, email vz.reservations@viceroyhotelsandresorts.com, or visit www.viceroyzihuatanejo.com.

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